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PawSafe seatbelt Review

What’s the first thing you do when you get in the car? If you said, “I put on my seat belt”, good job! But what about your dog? Just like you, your dog needs to be securely restrained any time he’s in the car. There are several pet safety restraints on the market. To find the best dog car harness and seat belts, you need to find one that properly fits your dog’s body type and personality..

Like any pet owner, you probably love taking your pooch in the car with you. After all, it is a total adventure for them.

However, driving with your dog does bring up a couple of problems for you.Dog Seat Belts Keep You and Your Pet Safer .Driving with your dog in the car can be dangerous and the law is quite strict and severe about such mindless behaviour. Of course, we know our dogs and we do not want to crash either, but it is our responsibility to take an extra 45 seconds to secure your dog’s car seatbelt . Not to mention, it is quite easy to get distracted when your puppy is in the back seat, ambling around. This isn’t just annoying, in certain areas, you could be leveled with a fine.

Over 400,000 people are involved in car accidents each year due to distractions, oftentimes caused by an excited pup in the backseat. Sudden braking, sharp turns and swerving are enough to be disastrous for your pooch, leading to injury or even death. Dog seat belts are gaining momentum in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and worldwide and are even becoming mandatory in countries such as the UK. During a collision, it is suggested that an unrestrained pet weighing approximately 27 kg (60 lbs) would carry the force of a 1,225 kg (or 2,700 lbs) projectile.  Such a force could injure the pet plus other occupants in the vehicle and an unrestrained pet could also be thrown out of the vehicle even in minor collisions.

The Paw Safe Car Seat belt is a product which claims to serve as a harness and retsraint for dogs during a car trip as well as Protect you and the dog from accidents.

This Pawsafe Seatbelt Review article will take you through every single thing you need to know about this trending product. Read through!

What is PawSafe Dog Car Seat Belts?

Pawsafe Seatbelt review.jpeg
Pawsafe Seatbelt Review

PawSafe is the superior pet safety feature that keeps your dog comfortably protected during car rides. The seat belt is designed to hold pets together safely especially when on transit in the car.

Features of Paw safe Car Seat Belt

The PawSafe Seat Belt is woven from strong Nylon fabric to keep your dog in one place if you have to hit the brakes hard or an accident occurs.A sturdy, aluminum alloy clasp swivels 360 degrees to prevent choking or tangles. Whether your pup wants to sit, stand or lay down, he can do so with ease.

Sizing is flexible, as the length of the strap can be adjusted from 53 cm to 74 cm to accommodate small to XL dogs.

How does the Paw safe Seat Belt work?

With the PawSafe Seatbelt, your dog stays comfortable and securely fastened, whether he’s in the front or back seat during a car ride. The simple design allows for ease of use, featuring a strap with a clasp on one end and a seatbelt buckle on the other end.Simply attach the clasp to your dog’s harness and snap the buckle into place on the seat, then you’re ready to go! The strap is made from heavy duty Nylon fabric to keep your dog situated during fast turns and sudden stops. A sturdy, aluminium alloy clasp swivels 360 degrees to accommodate comfort in case he wants to sit, stand or lay down.

Your dog stays comfortable and securely restrained, whether in the front or back seat during a car ride.

The highly functional design features custom fitting to get the size just right, with a durable strap that has a clasp on one end and a seatbelt buckle on the other end.  Attach the clasp to your dog’s harness and snap the buckle into your car seat belt. The 360 degree swivel clasp allows your dog to sit, stand or lie down with ease.With the PawSafe Seatbelt, your dog stays comfortable and securely fastened, whether he’s in the front or back seat during a car ride.

Benefits of Using the Paw safe Car Seat Belt.

  • One size for all
  • Adjust the length of the tether in line with the size of your dog
  • Adjustable Lenth
  • This adjustable length ensures perfect restraint to allow your pet to move freely without distracting the driver.
  • Lessen Sudden Strains
  • Our unique elastic bungee is designed to lessen any sudden strains on your dog.

Other Benefits are as follows:

  • The PawSafe Seat Belt was designed by automotive safety professionals and approved by veterinarians to greatly decrease the risk of injury to dog and driver in case of an accident.
  • Not only is your dog protected, but you as the driver can focus on the road without the distraction of an excited pooch jumping around.
  • This pet safety product is 100% user friendly. The universal seat belt buckle will fit any car make and model. Forget complicated instructions and time consuming assembly- just click and go.This seat belt has definitely been designed with safety in mind. See, it attaches to the crease in your backseat, ensuring that the belt is directly fixed to the vehicle frame. Due to this construction, you can be quite sure that your pooch is tethered to something strong and secure. This provides them with a greater base of support, particularly if you were to brake too hard.
  • In the same vein, the other thing that adds strength to this safety belt is the carabiner. It is made from aviation aluminum and has a max force tension of 400 grams. So, what does this mean for you? Well, it indicates that your dog will not be able to tug loose, no matter how hard he or she tries. It also means that in the case of an accident, your dog will not break away from the seat. The carabiner will ensure that the pooch will be held in place.

If you don’t already have a harness that is suitable for most doggy seat belts, you can simply get the whole package like with this Paw Safe seat Belt. This improves the chance the harness and the strap will work well together.

There is no denying that there are many dogs out there that simply don’t like wearing a harness. It can feel too warm or constricting for them which is why they tend to kick up a fuss. Well, this isn’t something that you have to be concerned about with this harness.

Why? This is an incredibly comfortable harness for your pooch. It has been designed to put very little pressure on your dog’s chest, ensuring that they stay cozy and relaxed, without feeling like they are being squeezed.

At the same time, the vest is made from a breathable material which allows better circulation of air, making sure that your pup feels cool. Also, it is made to absorb sweat so that there is no slickness against your dog’s fur.

So, how does this harness hold up in terms of safety and durability? As far as the clasp and the seatbelt buckle is concerned, this is a topnotch strap. They are made from durable metals that are able to withstand the movement of your dog or sudden jerks from the car.

Where the strap does fall short though, is the material of the strap. It is quite easy for your pup to chew through so if they are left to their own devices, there is a good chance that they will chew it in half, rendering it useless.

Turn a stressful car ride into a paw-sitively blissful experience. With your dog safely restrained, you can put the windows down, crank up the tunes and drive with peace of mind.So, there is absolutely no chance that your pet is going to be able to get through that strap. Of course, this also provides you with another advantage. It means that the restraint is more than capable of holding strong in the case of an accident. This ensures that your pooch will remain exactly where they are supposed to at all times.

What makes this particular restraint stand out, though, is the lengths that are available. Now, the strap isn’t adjustable – there is simply one length per seat belt

Sometimes an accident is inevitable, but the PawSafe Seat Belt immediately reduces the risk of injury with a simple click of a buckle. You wear a seat belt to stay safe; it only makes sense that your beloved pet should wear one too!

pawsafe dog seatbelt review.jpeg
Pawsafe Seatbelt Review

How to Use it.

Simply attach the clasp to your dog’s harness and snap the buckle into place on the seat, then you’re ready to go!

Pros / Advantages of the product.

  • Good quality Carabiner
  • Adjustable length
  • Easy to use
  • Attaches directly to vehicle frame.
  • Good buckle and clasp
  • Comfortable harness
  • Secures dogs well
  • Compatible with various vehicles
  • Good for medium and large dogs
  • Comfortable for dogs to wear
  • Protective features


  • Strap can be chewed through
  • The strap is a little too long for small dogs
  • The buckle can be ejected easily
  • May not be compatible with all vehicle headrests

Pawsafe Seatbelt Customer Reviews

This has been great for keeping our dog safe in the car. She has room to turn around, look out the window, etc., but it prevents her from climbing all over and trying to get in the front seat.

By MalamuteMom on Aug 5, 2020

Really works keeping our Malamute in the back seat even though he really wants to be in the driver’s lap. We couldn’t live without this while we work on training him!

Wish I had purchased sooner!

By travelingal 

Our dogs sat so calmly and rode so much better buckled in with the harnesses and this buckle in the back seat. They had been riding in my lap and were up and down and all around and would try to go over to my husband who was driving. We thought they would whine with this, but they were great. Should have done long ago and so much safer!

By TeeJay 

Worked great for my 80 pound lab on our road trip. Kept him in the backseat and he was still able to lay down comfortably 

Safety First

By Happy 

So happy with this seat belt.keeps my pup secure in seat so she can’t try and jump in front seat. She seems comfortable 

I  have a chocolate lab/pit bull mix who is on the bigger side at around 100lbs and we put him in the cargo area of our SUV so he has space to lay down. We have a few anchors back there and opted for the one on the side of the car and took an hour or so car ride. Success! I can open the back now without fear of him jumping out. I’m excited to also try this out for a longer trip, but I don’t doubt this’ll work perfectly for it as well. Will definitely look into this same option for our smaller dog…Toni.

The fact that this clip was actually tested, and actually clicked into where you would fasten a car seat, makes it so much better than the clips that just go into a seatbelt. We all know that dogs will step on and release the seat belt clips. This cannot be unclipped without a human doing the work….Mace.

Thus pet owners have found this product much useful and it is evident that the Paw safe seatbelt Actually works.

Adele H.


This seat belt just saved my dog’s life.   I was driving about 50 mph, he was in the passenger front seat with the window down, hanging his head out. He’s a recent rescue and I had no idea how much he hated motorcycles. We passed one and he attempted to jump out the window after it.  He lunged but the seat belt held him securely in the car. It all happened in a matter of seconds and I would not have been able to react and save him had he not  had this seat belt on.

Clive F.


I feel better knowing my dog is safe to ride with me. He can sit or lay down. I like the length and security it gives my boy to be comfortable and be safe too. He is smiling in the pic! So he is happy too!

Tim W. review of PawSafe™ Dog Seatbelt

Tim W.


Our little puppy has done well with this seatbelt. It clicks in easily. I chose this model because of the elastic give. Her little legs are to short to reach the floor. Heaven forbid, we’re in a situation where we have to slam on the brakes and she slides off the seat. The models without elastic make me nervous.

Brian G. review of PawSafe™ Dog Seatbelt

Brian G.


Great product. Used it on my 41lb Samoyed for a 13 hour car trip from Colorado to NW Arkansas. My dog had plenty of room to lay down or turn around yet I felt she would have been restrained in a crash

Colin A. review of PawSafe™ Dog Seatbelt

Colin A.


Items arrived quickly and just as described. They both fit our different cars like they should. We have large dogs and they held both of them safely with enough play that they could lay down or change positions in the 3rd row fine. They appear that thy will hold up over time but only continual use will tell. As of this post I would buy these again.

Sarah 5/28/2019

This is a life saver for my dog in the car. She was so anxious and had to sit next to me in the front seat. It was not safe to say the least. She now feels more comfortable in the back seat and only cries a little but will then settle down and look out the window or lay down. Got to the house quick and great quality that lets it stretch a little without giving too much.

Karen M.


I really like the seat belt but I have a big problem now I cannot get it to release from the seat belt! So how am I going to get it off to use my seat belt now without having to by a new one and having it installed at a dealership ?

B C.


We really liked it but it got jammed in the seatbelt connection & can’t get it out to use in other vehicle 

In which vehicle models can you use PawSafe Dog Seat Belts?

Pawsafe seat belt review.jpeg

PawSafe Dog Seat Belts are designed to fit into any standard set belt slot. So whether you have a compact car, an SUV, or a truck — and regardless of the brand and model of your vehicle — you can use the PawSafe Seat Belt to keep your dog safe while driving.

And because PawSafe Seat Belts are adjustable in length and simply clip into your dog’s harness, they can be used with dogs of any size — large, medium, or even handbag-sized.

Where can you get a PawSafe Dog Seat Belt?

PawSafe Seat Belts are ONLY sold directly from the producer, and cannot be bought in stores or on Amazon.

Right now, the PawSafe company is offering a special 40% OFF discount for the next 250 buyers. Click the button below if you would like to see whether this discount is still available.

Frequently Asked Questions (Pawsafe Seatbelt Review)

What are the statistics of seat belts?

Of the 37,133 people killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2017, 47% were not wearing seat belts. In 2017 alone, seat belts saved an estimated 14,955 lives and could have saved an additional 2,549 people if they had been wearing seat belts..

Do dogs were seat belts?

Vehicle restraints for dogs are widely available; these should have passed safety-tests and attach securely to a properly fitted dog harness and to the vehicle as directed by the manufacturer (usually by attaching to existing seat belts or via buckles that clip directly into the seat belt).

Does a dog have to wear a car seat belt by law?

It depends where you live, but there is momentum worldwide around ensuring dogs are tethered whilst driving. Beyond the safety of the dog itself, this also ensures they limit distraction of drivers. In some countries such as the UK, driving with an unrestrained dog can lead to heavy fines.

Will this fit my car?

Yes! Our car dog seat belt will fit with all vehicles fitted with regular seatbelt buckle fittings.

Do I need to buy a certain size?

No. Our seat belt is length adjustable and is made one size fits all.

Will my dog get tangled in it?

In addition to being adjustable to size, the swivel clasp should allow for a bit of movement without the dog getting tangled up in it.

Is the Paw Safe car seat belt safe to attach to a dog collar?

No. Please only attach the seat belt to a dog wearing a harness. Dog harnesses will help eliminate potential strain of dog’s neck in the event of an accident.

How do I protect my dogs seatbelt?

Dampen a tissue with taste deterrent, which is available at most box stores and pet stores. Offer it to your dog. He undoubtedly will recoil at the taste, which is good. Now, apply the deterrent to your seat belts.

Where can I buy a dog harness?

Dog harnesses are ever more popular these days and there are many great harnesses on the market. We’re proud to let you know about our very own harness! Check out our product catalog and add one to your basket today.

Should I get my dog a seat belt?

This will help you both in getting protected in any chances of a car accident. It will not let the dog to be forced in front!.

Conclusion (Pawsafe Seatbelt Review)

If you are in an accident, a dog harness or dog seat belt should keep your dog safely restrained. When a travel restraint is used correctly, you don’t have to fear taking your dog on long distance trips on the highway. In fact, good restraints can keep both you and your dog calmer by lessening distractions.

The paw safe car seat belt is a product that has an 80% score card and has the capacity to restrain and protect your dog..You can give it a try 

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