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Pixpilot Drone review 

You know what they say: A picture is worth a thousand words, a million words if you like. The truth is, pictures and videos are things we can’t do without, especially when they are amazing. There is nothing close to building beautiful memories with family, friends and loved ones and we can’t keep these memories without the help of cameras. No parties, get-togethers or picnics make any sense without a camera but it doesn’t just stop at a camera.  

Over the years there have been several innovations on how to get the best out of these cameras. Several progressions  have taken place to the digital camera of today but does it stop at having digital cameras? In what forms can this camera be used to get the best of result? To that end, progress has been made to even the beautiful invention of selfie sticks but that’s still not the perfect answer.  

So, today drones are no longer just the things for military surveillance or the likes, it has been creatively carved to be used for beautiful photographs and videos. But remember, it doesn’t stop at that too. There is still a question of portability. 

Drones are no longer just for the supreme enthusiasts, as these devices have penetrated the world of technology and consumer use. A lot of businesses are looking forward to utilizing the capacities of these machines to the best effects. There are some very basic uses for drones, and there are also some really creative ideas that you could make use of in your life. 

Drone sales are on the rise with each passing year, and more and more people are embracing the idea of owning such devices. With all this attention, these unmanned aerial vehicles are now finding more practical and innovative uses and applications. 

Drones have become extremely popular in the world of aerial photography. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you can most likely see the appeal of taking high-quality images from fresh perspectives. Drones allow you to reach many places that you cannot reach on foot, and the opportunity for creative photography is vast. Many consumer drones are developed with the specific purpose of aiding in commercial photography and videography. 

However, the idea of using drones for pictures still sounds a lot strange to many. Some drones require advanced technical skills to handle which is a source of concern to some. Others still do not get the idea of using stuff as bulky as the traditional drones for selfies. 

However, the use of drones for photography have quite passed the stage of concerns as those above. There are super portable and easy-to-use drones for taking high quality pictures today in the market. 

We are taking this review to help you decide on which to choose. Here in this pixpilot drone review, I hope to provide you with the necessary information about this product to enable you make the right decision. 

What is pixpilot drone? 

pixpilot review.jpeg
PixPilot Drone Review

PixPilot is something beyond exceptional — Aside providing solution to taking varieties of amazing pictures in different styles, it offers the required portability so that you can use just anywhere you deem fit. It is an awesome answer for every individual who likes to take photographs of themselves, just as wonderful environments. It is super lightweight, just as portable. Notwithstanding, it is likewise solid and simple to control.  

Created by two German engineers who are great drone fans. However, they also realized that typical drones are heavy and bulky, and not the best for traveling around and taking impressive photos and videos of the beautiful surroundings that people tend to visit and travel through. But PixPilot was designed using an ABS plastic, which makes the drone much lighter and stronger, which in turn makes it extremely portable. Based on the size and portability, one may easily assume it’s a toy. 

Interestingly, The  PixPilot drone is a perfect solution to all these issues, with its compact size and ease of use, it allows you to take it with you wherever you go, at any time. The drone is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, and can easily be carried in your bag, or even a pocket. You can reduce its size, thanks to its foldable rotors, and once they are folded, it becomes the estimated size of a slightly-larger-than-average smartphone. 

What’s more! the PixPilot drone is super user friendly, so anyone, even kids can use pixpilot just fine. 

How Does Pix Pilot Drone Work? 

Pixpilot is a super simple, compact and easy to use Wi fi selfie drone. The revolutionary product is amazingly packed with fantastic features and cool functionalities to enable you take your photos or videos without stress. It’s very user friendly that even the kids can use it to play at the backyard. It works with a mobile app, which you can easily download to your Android or iOS. Pixpilot works by synchronizing the device with the app on your mobile phone from where you can control it. After you have taken your pictures, you can edit further in the app to make your photos as amazing as possible. 

You can easily control this drone through your cell phone. Download the app to your Apple or Android smartphone device. Through this app you can easily monitor your drone. Use the main interface to fly, snap pictures, and record video.  

Setting up PixPilot is very simple, and you should simply utilize your telephone to install an application for the PixPilot. You can get to utilize the application basically by filtering the QR code that comes in the drone’s manual.  

Once the application is introduced, basically put batteries into the PixPilot, connect with it, and dispatch the application. You can be somewhere around 10 seconds from that point forward, and that is it — you are prepared to take the best selfies you have taken in years.  

Also, it’s commendable how effective the device controls and simply fly itself. It is unimaginably simple and instinctive, and you will be astonished by the fact that it is so enjoyable to utilize this gadget. Regardless of whether you have never utilized an automaton in your life, you will be flying it effortlessly in only seconds.  

Presently, when the drone gets noticeable all around, you can begin taking photographs or recordings by utilizing its incorporated camera. This permits you to take photographs and recordings from up to 50 Meters/150 Feet away and get the most ideal perspective on your environmental factors.  

PixPilot can likewise make 3D flips and moves, because of exact situating and spry development. It has self-adjustment innovation, which implies that it will balance out itself after you make entangled moves.  

It can likewise hold a particular height, and land consistently, all of which add to an ideal encounter.  

Interesting also, is the fact that it allows you to connect it to your smartphone, and instantly record everything around you, and  consumers can use the PixPilot to live stream, which can be a great way to share your adventures with your friends, family, or even your online fans if you are a traveling vlogger or a photographer. 

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PixPilot Drone Review

How to use pix pilot drone for the first time?  

Pixpilot has  a mobile application, which needs to be installed before using the drone. After installing the app, connect the device with the mobile and start using and capturing the images and videos. It is straightforward to share the pictures with your friends and family using the application of this device. The drone camera is adjustable on the mobile screen to it is easy to use and capture the images. 

What makes pixpilot unique 

This drone is one of the smallest and easy to use digital objects available in the market. This object has complete control in your hands, and it is easily connected with your mobile so that you can use it according to your needs and desire. Earlier drones are available bigger in size, and it is very difficult to operate and use. But pixpilot is just an 85 grams object which is much easy to carry. Its size is 250*250*35 mm.

This is one of an attractive object which is a combination of black and blue color. If you are looking to buy the product, don’t wait much. Thus, in the event that you need to take some amazing photographs for your social media, or make excellent recordings for your YouTube, you no longer need to haul around colossal automatons just to have a better than average reach and a camera connected to it. You can essentially convey it in your pocket and control it with your telephone. 

Features of Pix Pilot Drone: 

This drone is made with modern technology which have following features in it. 

Movement Range: The movement range of Pix Pilot Drone is very amazing and attractive for its customers. This drone can take flight up to 50 meters(150 Feet) away in the air. This has the feature of 3D flips and rolls agile movement and precise positioning. 

HD Quality: Pix Pilot Drone camera is a super fit drone that has the quality of taking photos and videos in HD-quality. You will get clear and blur-free photos by using this drone. 

Weight: The weight of the Pix Pilot Drone is just 85 g which can be carried anywhere easily. 

Easily Portable and foldable: Due to having light weight, this drone can be easily portable with you anywhere. The blades of Pix Pilot Drone can easily fold that help you to carry it with you easily. It will comfortably fit in any pocket or bag. 

Pixpilot specifications 

  • Dimensions (mm): 250 x 250 x 35 
  • Weight (g): 85 
  • Color: Black, Turquoise 
  • Battery Life: 6-8 min 
  • Charging Time: 70 min 
  • Motor Type: Coreless Motor 
  • Main Material: ABS 
  • Gyroscope: 6-Axis 
  • Controller: Wi-Fi Controller 
  • Cordless Control 
Pixpilot drone review.jpeg
PixPilot Drone Review

What if I’m not satisfied with pixpilot? 

The seller is providing a 30-day product exchange policy. After 30 days of purchasing, the seller will not give you the option of exchange. You can apply for exchange by following the instructions: 

  • To be eligible for a return, the item must be unused and in the same condition with labels attached that you received it.  
  • The customer will be responsible for paying your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable in any way. 
  • The product must be in the original packaging in which you received. For completion of return for exchange, seller require a receipt or proof of purchase 
  • The seller will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item and also notify you of the approval or rejection of your return. 
  • When the seller received your product which you want to exchange, it will be inspected and examined. 
  • If our expert approved the return, it may be exchanged or issued a store credit equivalent to the purchase price. 
  • For more queries, you can send an email at sales@ellisreserve.com 

Why Is pixpilot Better Than Other Drones? 

If you’re interested in learning to fly drones but are not ready to spend thousands of dollars and hours of learning, you need pixpilot drone. You’re better off buying a few pixpilot drone for your friends and family than buying one expensive drone you may only use a few times. 

Easy to Learn: This drone is very beginner friendly that it can even be used by kids. Learning how to use pixpilot  will not take more than seconds and you’re ready to get started. 

One-Button Take-Off / Landing: From the application on your mobile phone, you can easily control the drone’s movement. 

Portable: The size of a pixpilot is almost the size of your hand. Super portable to be carried to anywhere. 

Amazing Aerial PhotographyAside being extremely portable, pixpilot takes amazing photographs and videos in a very digital quality. Other pros include; 

  • Compact 
  • Unique Angles 
  • Convenient 
  • Comes With Free App 
  • Lightweight 
  • Fun 
  • Compatible With Smart Devices 
  • Very Affordable 

What’s special about pix pilot? 

Pixpilot is the ultimate drone for beginners, children, and even professionals that want to have more fun flying. When you get pixpilot you are getting more than just a drone. 

You are getting perfect selfies, wide group shots, incredible landscape footage, and endless entertainment. 

Post pictures on your social media and share videos from your drone, and you could gain thousands of followers wondering how they can get the same amazing pictures! Once you start using the pixpilot you won’t be able to go anywhere without it! 

PixPilot Drone Price

The price of one pixpilot drone is $33.99. This price however is due to the ongoing 50% off fire sale promo currently going on. There are also some bulk offer packages for person who may want to purchase more than one drone at a time.

Two (2) Pixpilot drones (DOUBLE DRONE PACK) cost around $59.99 + shipping fee

Three costs about $77.99 + shipping fee. This package is called the Friends and family pack.

Four popularly called MASTER THE SKIES PACK is sold at only $91.99 + shipping fee.

All these prices are discounted prices and just like you know promos like this usually have an end. Prices may go up any time soon as the manufacturers are yet to give a deadline date for that.

So if you’ve made up your mind to buy, I will advise you do that now that you have an on going 50% discount sale promo.

Frequently Asked Questions (Pixpilot drone review)

Do I need to register my Pixpilot drone with the local aviation authorities? 

 In the United States and Canada, registration is required for drones weighing 0.55 pounds (250 grams) or more. Pixpilot weighs just 0.18739 pounds (85 grams)! However, you’re advised to find out more on your country’s locality’s drone policy. Towards the end of this review, I will provide a brief information on drone regulations. 

What is required to get started with pixpilot drone 

Your Android or iOS smart device (phone or tablet) functions as your pixpilot remote control. You’ll also require a power source to connect the USB cable for fast, efficient charging of the unit’s battery. 

Where is the best place to fly pixpilot? 

Pixpilot is compact enough for getting great shots indoors and out. In order to avoid any potential complications, it’s best to fly in open areas without low barriers or large crowds of people. 

Is there an emergency switch in case I lose control? 

Yes. Your pixpilot comes with an Emergency Stop should the need ever arise; however, the unit is designed to build up confidence and skill in new users. The unit features multiple speed levels and responsive fine-tuning adjustments for added control. 

What to know about drone use and regulations 

Rapid adoption of drones over the past decade has sparked a number of privacy, security and safety complaints and concerns. From a privacy standpoint, voyeurs and paparazzi have used drones to obtain images of individuals in their homes or other locations once assumed to be private. Drones have also been deployed in areas deemed potentially unsafe, such as urban areas and near airports. 

Growth in commercial and personal drones has also created safety concerns, namely midair collisions and loss of drone control. Specific concerns about drones flying too close to commercial aircraft have prompted calls for regulations. 

While many countries have established UAV regulations, others have not. As drone usage grows in popularity, laws are continually changing. Before using a drone commercially or personally, it is critical to check the laws of the country in which they are being operated. 

In China, for example, any drone flying higher than 400 feet requires a license from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). Drones weighing in at more than 15 pounds also require a license, and no-fly zones must be adhered to. 

In the UK, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) restricts drones from flying above 500 feet. Additionally, any drone weighing more than a half pound must be registered with the CAA. The organization has also published its “Dronecode:” 

  • Don’t fly near airports or airfields 
  • Remember to stay below 400 feet and at least 150 feet away from buildings and people 
  • Observe your drone at all times 
  • Never fly near aircraft 
  • Enjoy responsibly 

By 2014, only two companies in the U.S. were allowed to operate commercial drones. In 2015, an interim FAA policy governing the use of small drones for certain commercial uses under 200 feet was released, and the FAA announced it had approved more than 1,000 applications for commercial drones and continues to approve at a rate of approximately 50 applications per week. The next year, the FAA further relaxed its restrictions, and under its Small Unmanned Aircraft Regulation, Part 107, issued 3,100 drone permits in 2016 alone. 

Part 107 places limits on autonomous or semi-autonomous drone operation. Among other things, the FAA specifically mandates: 

  • Unmanned aircraft must remain within visual line-of-sight of the remote pilot in command and the person manipulating the flight controls of the small UAS, or, alternately within VLOS of the visual observer; 
  • Drones must at all times remain close enough to the remote pilot in command and the person manipulating the flight controls for those people to be capable of seeing the aircraft unaided by any device other than corrective lenses; 
  • UAVs may not operate over anyone not directly participating in the operation, under a covered structure or inside a covered stationary vehicle; 
  • Daylight-only operations, or civil twilight (30 minutes before official sunrise to 30 minutes after official sunset, local time) with appropriate anti-collision lighting; 
  • Must yield right of way to other aircraft. 

On October 5, 2018, the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 was signed, which establishes new conditions for recreational use of drones. FAA rules differ for personal or commercial drone use. For example, a Remote Pilot Certificate issued by the FAA is required to fly drones commercially and commercial UAVs must be registered and flown at or under 100 mph. 

Drone use laws also vary by state. For example, Alaska laws limit the use of drones in law enforcement, including how and whether they can save drone-captured images and video. Cities and towns with more than one public park in Arizona must permit drone use in at least one of them. A Minnesota law requires commercial drone operators to pay a commercial operations license and hold drone insurance. 

Conclusion  (PixPilot drone review)

The use of drones for taking beautiful photographs and recording amazing videos is one beautiful technology you can’t resist. The use of drones for photography is not just for professionals but also for taking beautiful family pictures and making the best out of good memories. However, if you’re concerned about the price or the technicalities involved in the use of drones, the good news is that there are available, affordable and easy-to-use drones such as the pixpilot, to get you started with the use of drones.  

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