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Protector Pitch Review:

I was discussing with my Friend during lunch time about some horror movies we will never try to watch again and we imagined a scenario where all the fictitious stories become real, we imagined a scenario when we are visited by Annabel this time for real. We all laughed about it as we  imagined our individual reactions.

We began to share our different fears ,Mine is walking in a lonely place at night and being scared of ghosts .His was being visited by robbers and having no protective equipment and no medium to call for help and loosing everything to armed men. What a secondary and awkward class of fear right!

My friend Davies, came one time and told me about the Protector Pitch Alarm, a product which claims to keep you company and help with fear. 

What do you do when you’re in danger while walking on the street or using public transit and find yourself alone? Depending on the situation, it may not be easy to defend yourself physically or call for help.

This Protector pitch review article seeks to elaborate more on the Protector Pitch Personal Alarm . It will give you basically everything you need to know about this product and guide you to make that bold decision: Should I buy Protector pitch personal alarm or not?

What is Protector Pitch Personal Alarm?

protector pitch review.jpeg
Protector Pitch Review

The Protector Pitch is a personal safety alarm key holder that provides users with immediate self-defense action due to a loud audible sound that is easy to carry and has a long battery life to ensure maximum protection in case of a timely need.

The Protector Pitch is perfect for those people who are afraid of walking alone down the street, especially at night, and those who don’t feel safe when using public transportation. It doesn’t matter the situation; this keychain safety device can help anyone defend him or herself by calling for help when in danger.

Personal alarms such as the Protector Pitch are developed to ensure the safety of everyone. It’s hard to fight back when threatened, so a little bit of extra protection can be a lifesaver when someone is attempting to hurt another. There are many personal defense devices available on the market, from pepper sprays to tasers and expandable batons. Still, Protector  Pitch innovatively does its job and doesn’t make attackers feel angry because it won’t even be noticed.

Features of Protector Pitch Alarm

  • -Immediate Self-Defense Action With Loud Audible Sound
  • -Easy to Carry And Stealthy Keys Holder Guaranteed
  • -Pull-Out The Key Holder Pin And The Alarm Will Trigger
  • -Durable Build Material, Fall-Breaking Proof
  • -125 dB Very Loud Alarm
  • -Long Lasting Battery
  • -Compact and Lightweight
  • -Durable Build Material, Fall-Breaking Proof
  • -Easy to Use
  • -Reliable and Durable
  • -Affordable
  • -Long Battery Life, No Need To Replace For Long Time
  • -Standard Batteries LR44x3 Included, Ready to Use.

How does it work?

When turned on the Protector Pitch Alarm makes a piercing sound, this personal alarm keeps attackers away and gives the victim enough time to run and hide or help to arrive. It makes an extreme sound to draw attention up to 300 yards away when you are in danger with up to 40-mins of continuous sound to ensure it’s ready to use when you need it.

Benefits of Protector Pitch Alarm

The Protector Pitch is perfect for those people who are afraid of walking alone down the street, especially at night, and those who don’t feel safe when using public transportation. It doesn’t matter the situation; this keychain safety device can help anyone defend him or herself by calling for help when in danger.

Protector Pitch is ready to use out of its box. This alarm is encased in an ABS plastic that keeps it from being crushed or breaking. It is available in 3 different colors: White, Light Blue, and Pink.

Furthermore, it seems good on the keychain and maybe perhaps not at all questionable, which means that the attackers don’t become preoccupied when viewing it. It seems like decorative keychain item and a regular.

For an additional benefit, it’s not going to absorb an excessive amount of battery life energy. The batteries and the batteries still have a long life and a extended time, respectively, therefore those that decide to apply this individual alarm can be confident they won’t be out of a battery, when needing and they are protected.

Protector Pitch is legal to use in all the US states for use as a personal defense item. It alerts those in the proximity of victims of an attack, not to mention it makes a loud enough sound to disorient attackers.

Protector Pitch™ can literally save your life!.The intense alarming sound will quickly inform the people around you and discourage any criminal.

How  To Use the Protector Pitch

Protector pitch personal alarm.jpeg
Protector Pitch Review

It’s a device that should be hung on your vehicle’s keychain and makes an extreme sound to draw attention up to 300 yards away when you are in danger. With up to 40-mins of continuous sound to ensure it’s ready to use when you need it, then re-insert the pin to stop. It won’t hurt your ears when the alarm sounds, and the pin is pulled.

Does it Really Work or is the Protector Pitch a scam?

Personal alarms are simple but effective personal security devices. A personal alarm is an inexpensive self-defense device. They emit a loud siren sound when activated. The best personal alarms are small, portable and they are cheap to buy. They come in a range of different styles and colors. There are also different types of personal alarms for different uses.The main purpose of a personal alarm is to scare an attacker away. The last thing that any kind of criminal wants is to get caught. When personal alarm sounds, it will confuse a disorientate an attacker. It will also make them want to escape the noise for fear of getting caught in the act. In some cases, the sight of a personal alarm alone will deter an attacker from even attempting to commit a crime.

Protector Pitch Personal alarm works, because a thief or an attacker does not want to get caught. An attacker will usually flee at the sound of personal alarm, before they can do any harm or steal anything.Personal alarms are effective self-defense devices. You can take them with you anywhere. When you are alone, a personal alarm will provide an effective means of deterring an attacker.

If you are out late at night. If you go running on your own. If you are travelling solo. A personal alarm is a personal safety device that you can always carry with you. There are no restrictions on where you can carry a personal alarm. They are legal in all 50 states, there are no age restrictions on them. You can carry a personal alarm on most airlines too.


Constant Protection:

Appointing security guards or personally being there to protect the property or you 24/7 is practically not possible. These security systems provide round-the-clock protection against burglars, break-ins and attackers.

Strong Deterrent:

The Protector Pitch due to it she loud noise and ability to chase away attacker serves as a deterrent to future attacks as no criminal wants to exposed or caught .The noise alerts people to come to your rescue and 8f the attackers and caught ,it will be a different ball game for them.

Uninterrupted Functionality

There are two types of alarm systems. Wireless alarm systems work on batteries and not electricity. Which means they are effective during power-cuts as well.The Protector Pitch personal alarm, do not use batteries and consume electricity from the source. So, there is no need of regular battery charging or replacement.

Can Relocate:.

The Protector Pitch personal alarm can be bought  as 1 item, also in a pack of 2 and 3 at better prices. Those who decide to get a pack of 2 or 3 can share the Perfect Pitch devices with their family or keep one in every bag.

It comes with a keychain, so you can have it everywhere with you: at your keys, at your bag’s zipper or at your trousers’ belt loop. 

Whether you are a woman who feels unsafe when walking in the night or an elder person who’s worried that something bad can happen, this device is a basic necessity.

You can attach it to your kids’ school bag and make sure that they return home safe. You can give it to your grandparents in order to not feel unprotected. Or you can keep it for yourself and carry it with you when jogging or doing outdoor activities that might hurt you.


Can be Stolen:

The protector Pitch can be stolen by thieves as it is very easy to be a converted it is not a big equipment that will be difficult to be taken away.It can also get missed easily or flinged away by mistake .

Can Get Broken Easily:

A look of the product shows its fragile nature .it is of a plastic like material and thus susceptible to being damaged easily .

protector pitch review.jpeg

Customer Reviews of Protector Pitch Personal Alarm.

Eliot H.

I travel a lot and I don’t always feel safe in some particular areas… I don’t usually buy stuff from the internet but I couldn’t resist! It works pretty well. Very handy. I carry it on my keys. Perfect!


I bought it for my grandkids. They are starting to get around on their own and I was a little bit worried. I had a talk with them and I told them how to use this. Definitely I recommend it!

Laura A.

I used to carry pepper spray with me always but I wasn’t satisfied. This product made me feel way more confident when walking around alone. I carry it with me always.


I purchased this because I was concerned about the possibility of being left with no assistance should I have a problem when out and about on my mobility scooter. This will ensure I will be heard I hope.

Robert Craig.

After my accident I started using a wheel chair.Sometimes I tell my aide not to push me outside that I want to do it myself.So when i am at the garden and I mistakenly fall out from the chair I press the alarm and it alerts my aide to come to my aid.This thing has a vast utility.


Quickdelivery,works well very pleased,.I keep it me all the time.

 Margaret Price

Very satisfied with alarm. Have purchased another for my granddaughter

Frequently Asked Questions (Protector pitch Review)

What is a safe personal alarm?

A safe personal alarm is a device you can carry with you on your neck, wrist, pocket, bag, belt, or other place. The device emits a loud sound when you trigger it that can ward off attackers, whether people or misbehaving animals. This loud racket is also a call for help to people in the vicinity.

What is the purpose of personal alarms?

These lightweight safety devices are extremely loud, usually 120 decibels or more. This ear splitting high pitched sound is very uncomfortable to listen to for even a few seconds. The intent is to surprise and disorient an attacker, allowing a few precious seconds you need to get away, while drawing attention to your situation. Personal Alarm Pull Pin Most personal alarm systems are activated by pulling a cord, strap, or chain attached to a metal or plastic pin. The alarm will sound as long as the pin is removed. This is a great feature if you are attacked as you can pull the pin out and throw it to the ground. Some alarms also have a small flashlight, which you can use to find keys in your handbag or the lock on the front door. 

Planning ahead will help you to think more clearly in an emergency situation, and it is the best way to ensure your safety.

Best Type of Personal Security Alarm …

Personal protection alarms have a number of features, and the need varies depending on the individual. 

Is it Readily Available?

It is important to keep your personal alarm close at hand. Convenience is the single most important factor when choosing your alarm! 

If you are attacked, it is likely to be a surprise, and an assailant will not wait around while you locate your alarm. 

Keychain Alarms (carried in hand) are best used by people at risk entering or leaving their automobiles or homes. Ideal for shift workers who work until late in the evenings, or in parking garages and underground parking structures. Built-in security light for night use.

How Loud is Loud?

Intensity of sound (sound pressure) is measured in decibels (dB). Decibels are measured logarithmically. This means that as decibel intensity increases by units of 10, each increase is 10 times the lower figure. Thus, 20 decibel is 10 times the intensity of 10 decibels, and 30 decibels is 100 times as intense as 10 decibels. 

Size and Weight?

Each year personal alarms are getting smaller and louder! As the technology advances they become more convenient and effective in a crisis situation. 

The latest units are small as a match book and very loud. Don’t be stuck with an alarm that weighs as much as a small phone. It must be Small enough to fit into the hands of women and children, yet convenient to carry at ALL times. 

How Loud is 140 Decibels

Measuring sound is completely different than measuring distance. On a ruler, the distance between inches increases by the same amount, but in sound, that is not the case.

Sound goes up by the power of 10 with each 10-decibel increase. So a 20-decibel sound is 10 times more intense than a 10-decibel sound. If it goes up to 30 decibels, the sound is 100 times more intense than sounds at 10 decibels.

When scaling up to 100 decibels, the sound becomes 1 million times more intense than at 10 decibels. Sounds upward of 85 decibels are considered damaging, and it is recommended to get away from them as soon as possible. Sounds at 140 decibels will cause damage to someone’s ears after 15 minutes.

Are personal alarms effective?

Personal alarms are most definitely effective. Just the sound of the alarm itself, around 140 decibels, is much louder compared to other sounds. A full-blown concert at the loudest will be around 80 decibels, and those can be heard from quite a distance.

An alarm emitting 140 decibels of noise can significantly disorient anyone around it, especially when people are not expecting it. Disorienting an attacker with a personal alarm will make them stop and brace themselves from the noise, giving you an opportunity to escape. The noise will also alert other people of your location so you can get help.

How much does a personal safety alarm cost?

Cost varies depending on what type of personal alarm you want. The simplest devices start from $10, while devices with more features and higher-quality materials will be more expensive. You can easily find a personal alarm in your price range.

If I have an emergency should I call 911 First:

Always call 911 first if you have an emergency! However before 911 comes your Protector would be willing to help and keeps you safe and scare your attackers

I’ve heard personal alarms are clunky and uncomfortable, is this true?

Personal alarms are designed to be as discreet and comfortable as possible and fit seamlessly in to your daily routine. How you choose to wear it is entirely up to you; around your neck as a pendant, or on your wrist, like a bracelet.

The safe and secure design also means you don’t need to worry about it falling off, and it’s even water resistant, so it can be worn in the bathroom or while you’re doing the washing up..

How do I turn off my Protector Pitch Alarm 

 To use the Protector Pitch Personal Alarm Keychain, simply depress the button on the front of the alarm which will then deter any attacker or intruder but can also function to draw attention to you if you need medical attention or help. To deactivate the alarm, depress the button on the back of the alarm.

Is it better to use a mobile phone rather than a personal alarm?

Having a mobile phone is great for keeping in touch with loved ones and can be just as useful as a personal alarm in an emergency. However, this requires you to constantly carry your mobile phone, and that you keep it constantly charged. The personal alarm also requires one button to press and no numbers to remember.

As the Protector Pitch Personal Alarm can be worn 24/7, and does not require charging, it can safeguard you in those situations where your phone might not, such as midnight bathroom visits.

How long will my alarm sound?

The alarms will continue to sound until the keychain is put back into the alarm, or the battery runs out.

What if I sound my alarm on accident?

Some people think that the two circles on the alarm’s surface are buttons that you use to sound the alarm. However, the alarm is actually activated by pulling the keychain out of the alarm, and it’s highly unlikely you’ll do so on accident. If you do, simply place the keychain back into the alarm and it will stop sounding.

I live in a “safe” neighborhood. Do I really need home security products?

The unfortunate truth is that bad things can happen, even in “safe” neighborhoods. The FBI estimates there’s a home break-in every 14.5 seconds, resulting in over $15 billion in loss and damages annually. Aside from financial and legal strain, break-ins also make homeowners feel violated and unsafe on their own property. You can prevent yourself from becoming part of this number by investing in affordable security solutions like Protector Pitch

How do I know if the batteries are low?

The LED light will no longer flash when the batteries are low. For optimum results, check and replace the batteries every two to three months because of the continuous operation of the LED light.

Will my personal alarm work in the bath or shower?

Yes, we recommend you wear your protector pitch at all times, including in the bathroom where slips and accidents are unfortunately common. The pendant is water resistant but not fully waterproof, so it shouldn’t be fully submerged for longer than a second or two.

If you’re concerned that your pendant may have become water damaged you can press the button to check it is still working, and simply explain to the operator that this is the reason for your alert.

What If a loved one refuses to wear a personal alarm?

There can be stigma surrounding personal alarms, and some people see them as symbol of old age. However, a personal alarm is not there to take away your independence, it’s there to reinforce it and keep you in the comfort of your own home for longer.

Protector Pitch Personal Alarms are designed to be discreet and comfortable enough to wear 24/7, so users quickly become accustomed to wearing the device. Many customers, who express doubts about wearing a personal alarm at first, find that these doubts are quickly replaced by the feeling of security their alarm brings to them.

 Conclusion (Protector pitch Review)

It will right to say that the Protector Pitch personal Alarm Actually works and has the capacity to keep you from attackers at odd hours and helps keep you safe .it is not uncomfortable to carry and fancy and fashionable.You can try one for yourself.

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