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RangeXtd Review 2020

If you have a Wi-Fi in your home or place of work and you have experienced these problems: hitches while playing a video, simple downloads taking over an hour, streaming online can only be done in one particular area if at all the signal is enough that day or what about these so called dead zones where there is no signal at all. What are dead zones? You are in your living room and connection is strong, everything is moving fast but then you want to go to your bedroom and lie down on your bed and get comfy to continue your streaming or your browsing but there is no signal or the connection is so poor it might as well not have been there. Your bedroom is a dead zone. Dead zones are areas that are not covered by your Wi-Fi signals leading to poor connection. 

Or what about when you call your service providers complaining, they tell you that it depends on your package. You hear things like it depends on your network settings or your package does not cover so much distance, that you should upgrade to a more expensive package for a better service. You want an end to all the frustrations. These problems that have no end, then this review is for you. Say hello to Range XTD.

What is RangeXtd WiFi Extender?

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Range XTD Wi-Fi extender is a device used in boosting and amplifying your WI-FI signal for the purpose of achieving a wider coverage and a stronger signal. It extends the range of your wife router and also boosts it to cover more areas. It enables connection to the internet in areas where there was no signal before. Be it your garden or your attic or basement, it can extend your WI-FI signal there. All you have to do is to plug it into your wall outlet and start using.

Even better, Range XTD has a sleek design, loads data faster and has multiple connectivity.  Another amazing feature it has is that it is a one-time investment plan. It does not ratchet up bills monthly, you only need to buy it once in order to use it. This device has been trending online in USA, Canada and Austria because of its unique properties and the advantages it offers.

Specifications of RangeXtd Wifi Extender

Here are the specifications of this wonderful device

DesignSmall, sleek wall charger sized device
Antenna2 inbuilt antennas with cooling vents
Frequency of transmission2.4GHz
Speed of connection300 Mbps
Port1 LAN port and 1 WAN/LAN port
ButtonsSingle push WPS buttons
SupportsSupports WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption
Radiation Low radiation interference
Specificity It is not specific but functions with all routers and service providers
LightLED light that provides signal strength to show optimum positioning 

It functions with all routers and service providers

RangeXtd Set up

Range XTD device is designed as a small sleek wall charger which when plugged to any outlet uses the first antenna to connect to your WI-FI signal and then using the second antenna to transmit it again after boosting the signal. Thus it increases the range and the speed of data transmission ensuring strong connection where ever you are.  Range XTD has three connection modes tailored specifically for the consumers need at any point.

Range XTD can achieve a connection speed of 300 Mbps. To understand this, imagine downloading a 300mb file in a second or 3GB file in 10 seconds. This qualifies as fast internet connection. It is also quite easy to set up.

It takes at maximum 3 minutes to set up Range XTD. The steps are listed as follows:

  1. You plug in the Range XTD into a wall outlet or a socket. Range XTD comes with multiple plugs for multiple countries which you get to choose at checkout, there are plugs for US, Europe, Australia and UK. The best area to plug it in is between the WI-FI router and the dead zone area for maximum signal amplification and boosting. Also thick walls and should be avoided as it could take more time to receive signals through them. Similarly, the fewer obstructions the better for the same reason. 
  2. You install and run the setup wizard
  3. You connect to the signal from the Range XTD instead of the WI-FI router and Voila! You have access to a strong signal connection
  4. It also has a WPS lock button to enable encryption for your sole use.
  5. It also has a LED light signal strength indicator to show where the signal would be maximally boosted.
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Rangextd Review

Location to RangeXtd

The location of the setup is important to best maximize output. You might have to try a few times to check the best location but once again Range XTD has made it easier for users. The best location has been found by developers to be between the WI-FI router and dead zone areas. To be precise, the midpoint between the WI-FI router and the dead zones. The LED light signal strength indicator also shows the strength of the signal at a particular position thereby indicating the best location for the Range XTD device to be placed. There are also tips given by the developers for maximum output.

  1. Avoid thick walls as it could take more time to receive signals through them
  2. The fewer the obstructions between the router and the Range XTD the better to avoid time wasting to receive signals.


The Range XTD is particularly useful because you can use it in different ways depending on what you need. Whether you have more computers and devices than your original router can handle or there are parts of your house with weak signals and dead zones, this model can help you.

  1. Router mode: gives you all the advantages of an original router, including the ability to manage your network remotely, block specific websites, use parental controls or a Virtual Private Network (VPN). You can plug a unit directly into your modem and use it as your main wireless router.
  2. Access point mode: allows more computers and devices to connect to the internet without diluting your bandwidth. For instance, some routers may limit the number of devices that can be connected to it that will not be enough for a family with laptops, tablets and phones for each person in addition to any desktop computers in the house. When multiple units are placed around the house, devices will automatically switch between networks without dropping connections.
  3. Repeater mode: will grab the signal from your main router and amplify it. This is what you want in areas that are too far away that have a strong signal, such as your back patio or dead zones without any signal at all. For instance, if you have converted your garage into a bedroom or office and it is too far away from the router to get a signal, then you just need to plug it in and connect to your network, it will have the same level of security as any standard routers.

Advantages of RangeXtd

The many advantages I have been talking about will be listed here for easy perusal

  1. It strengthens and boosts your WI-FI signal 
  2. It has a wider range coverage than your WI-FI router
  3. It is a one-time investment. It does not accumulate bills monthly
  4. It is quite easy to transport or move around due to its small size
  5. It has a very fast connection speed 300Mbps
  6. It has an easy wizard installation process
  7. Its antenna in inbuilt eliminating the problem of changing the position of antenna for better connection
  8. It has a safe transfer mode
  9. It has three connection modes that tailors the specific need of each consumer: Router mode, Access point mode and Repeater mode.
  10. It works with any WI-FI router and can be used by any gadget with access to the WI-FI
  11. Its design is in the form of a socket thus enhancing its use. Elderly people especially like this product because it is consumer friendly.
  12. It is cheap and affordable and a bonus too being sold at 50% discount at the official website. Link to purchase will be provided below.
Rangextd Review.jpeg
RangeXtd Review

Disadvantages of RangeXtd

  1. It is available online only
  2. There might be network congestion due to multiple devices being connected at once; to help solve this problem, developers suggest that to use multiple devices one should connect each device one by one after a brief time for maximum use and test run.
  3.  It operates on a single band width of 2.4Ghz frequency. 
  4. Some issues have been raised on shipping the product to user location hence manufacturers strongly urge consumers to contact customer care before placing an order. Customer care service contact is listed below.

Common Users of RangeXTD

These are the common consumers developers have noticed used the device more since its induction:

Those with dead zone filled spaces: Dead zones are frustrating and worse, they commonly occur where people are more comfortable. Adding this device to a spot in your home or where dead zones are will solve this problem

Heavy Internet Users: these are people who their daily life or job is mainly on the internet for e.g. gamers, freelancer, affiliates, movie watchers. They require reliable internet connection throughout the day. Range XTD has helped them commit to their work or daily activity without any issue, without cause for delay.

People that need internet access outside their buildings: Those that like working in garages or their workshops or those that do a lot of reading outside in their patio or resting area have found a great need and use for Range XTD.

People that work or live in Big buildings: These are people who work or live in a very large spaced areas or big buildings. Using Range XTD has helped a lot regardless of where your WI-FI router is. Range XTD has the strength for boosting any signal for large area.

How strong is Range Xtd?

It has a 300Mbps connection speed which has been rated as one of the best if not the best for a compact and portable WI-FI extender in the market now.

The area covered by Range XTD is likely to vary as suggested in the official website. However, given indoor conditions and the presence of obstructions, this range can be anywhere from 70m to 230ft. 

The problem with some RF repeaters is that the amplified signal is not as strong as it could be. Its speed of connection is enough to stream HD movies, download large files in very short time, play games for a long time without loss of connection or lagging. It also allows for multiple devices to be connected to it at the same time and still be operating at an optimum speed.

At a very affordable price that is in fact a very strong device.

Uniqueness of RangeXtd compared to other WiFi Boosters

Range XTD is unique even among its peers through the following ways

  1. It has been described as supporting “lightning fast” data transfer speeds because of its 300Mbps. Why this speed is regarded as revolutionary is because of the limitations of other WI-FI extenders in speed of connection. The signal from the WI-FI router passes through the extender then the user connects to the extender. Most times these halves the connection speed when one normally connects to the WI-FI router directly. Range XTD has eliminated this problem by boosting the connection speed as it passes through it
  2. There is no limit to the number of devices that can be connected to it. None at all and when the problem of reduction of connection speed due to multiple devices as been solved by manufacturers by connecting each device one at a time after waiting a brief period.
  3. It has cooling vents and two in built 3D antennas. This helps solve the problem of overheating, ensuring continuous use for a very long time. Gamers especially will like this feature. Also the problem of window panels obstructing the antennas of other WI-FI extenders has been eliminated due to its inbuilt 3D antennas.
  4. It emits a low frequency radiation making safe for use in household
  5. It is very portable and can be carried at will.
  6. Many extenders after setting them up near the router cannot be moved in order not to disrupt the connection. Not so for Range XTD, after setup the device can be moved from one location to another according to the will of the consumer.
  7. It covers an incredible range given indoor conditions of 70 meters to 230ft. No small feat for a portable charger sized device.
  8. By purchasing more Range XTD devices, consumers can anticipate their respective wireless signals to be extended even further. The more devices present, the more reliable the connection as long as they are not set up in a daisy chain i.e. devices should not be connected in a sequence or a ring.
  9. It can be bought at a 50% discount though it can change at any time. Hurry
RangeXtd Reviews.jpeg
RangeXtd Review

Who is the manufacturer of RangeXtd?

Based on the official website, Strong Current Enterprises Limited is responsible for Range XTD, a company based in Hong Kong. From further research it has been found that they are an economic platform for sourcing high quality and well packaged products

The information on suppliers and the customer service can be found on their official website and is as follows:

Company name: Strong Current Enterprises

Company address: 68308 G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong Hong Kong, China.

The Netherlands Homepage: https://www.buyrangextd.com

Email: support@buyrangeXTD.com

Phone Number: US (toll – free): (855) 623 0435

Canada (toll – free): (855) 625 0787

UK: 33080 80756

Australia: (02) 5133 5357

What is the price of RangeXtd WiFi Extender?

Range XTD is very cheap and affordable compared to other Wi fi extenders out there in the market right now.

You can buy yours at the official website online at price of $49 although they it is at a 50% discount right now. The price might go up at any time the manufacturer deems fit. You should rush and get yours. The plug is also sold separately from the device package. There are also some interesting bulk offers which consumers can take advantage of such as:

One (1) Range XTD Wi fi booster + plug: $49 + $8.95 

Two (2) Range XTD Wi fi boosters + plug: $99 + $9.95

Three (3) Range XTD Wi fi boosters + plug: $112 + $10.95

Four (4) Range XTD Wi fi boosters + plug: $149 + $11.95

In addition to a discount offer of 50% and enticing bulk offers, Range XTD has been backed by a 30 – day money back/refund guarantee. Hence if consumers are not satisfied with this device, it need only be returned within 30 days of delivery to get a full refund. Such offers do not last long.

Customer Reviews of RangeXtd

In addition to the official website of Range XTD Wi fi Booster, countless customer reviews are available on several websites and social media, you need only browse them. This confirms how popular the device is.

A large majority of the customers are satisfied with their products. Several customers have praised the product for its boosting and amplification capabilities, its range extending abilities, most especially its speed and also its portability. They have also testified to its satisfaction guarantee.

Here are some of the customer review:

Joseph P – Minneapolis: “I have tried other Wi fi boosters before, but unless I was standing right next to them, they barely made a difference. This is totally different!! I put one in my upstairs hallway and now the entire floor has a crazy fast connection”

Debby F – Salt Lake City: “I take a lot of business trips and I cannot risk opening work emails on public Wi Fi. This lets me set up my own high speed private connection anywhere. It is fantastic, I recommended it to everyone in my office”

Luis R – Atlanta: “No more buffering!!! I ordered one of these for my living room and now my TV can stream anything from YouTube or Netflix at full speed no problem”

Ella C – Indianapolis: “I have got a lot of dead zones in my house and I ordered Range XTD to see if it could help me get a stronger signal in my bedroom. My God, not only did it boost the Wi fi signal from 2 bars to a full 5 bars, it also increased the speed! I can now use it anywhere in the house, even the basement!! Super easy to set up as well!! A+”

Frequently Asked Questions (RangeXtd Review)

What is the difference between Wi fi extender, booster and repeater?

There is virtually no difference between Wi fi extenders, boosters and repeaters. They all serve the intended goal of extending Wi fi coverage, but different manufacturers use different terms to mean the same thing.

Does Range XTD work?

Yes! If you are looking for an effective way to extend your coverage and boost your signal, this is the perfect device. It is great for homes with multiple users, offices and multi – level houses. You can increase your existing Wi Fi signals without having to pay more on your monthly bills or get more expensive packages

Is Range XTD a scam?

Admittedly it sounds too good to be true, super boost Wi fi/Range XTD is not a scam. There are ways to improve your internet connection with this device and as long as you follow the guidelines for optimal placement and limited interference, you can benefit from this Wi fi booster.

Does it really have a money guarantee?

Yes! If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your booster, simply return it back within 30 days for hassle free, money back guarantee or refund.

Is Range XTD really as fast as they say it is?

Yes! Its 300Mbps internet connection speed is really that fast for a Wi fi booster device.

Final Insight (RangeXtd Review)

Based on the analysis above, Range XTD is a device that boosts Wi fi to the deadest of zones in one’s home. A device like this is especially crucial in a household of more than four (4) members, as too many people on a network can quickly reduce its strength. Some of the factors that might make Range XTD appear attractive include its price, features, ease of setup and strength.

Ease and price seem to have impressed existing customers as beginners can install he necessities without incurring extra costs. Additionally, many reviewers claim that Range XTD is smoothly working with no problems witnessed to date, increasing the value for the price.

Consumers are also urged to contact customer service before placing an order.

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