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Nail Clipper Pro Review

In the past, when people talk about personal hygiene, they usually mean bathing at least 2 times every day; once in the morning and once in the evening, brushing your teeth also at least twice each day, in the morning and in the evening or washing of clothes and keeping the surroundings clean, washing your hands before eating. But in recent times, keeping your nails clean and neat has become also a part of personal hygiene. To keep one’s nails clean and crisp is now regarded as a mark of a gentleman or a lady in our society.

Nowadays, just looking at somebody’s well cut fingernails will create an almost wishful impression and expression in your memory. The beauty of the cut and how each of the nails is filed will draw your eyes constantly when interacting with the person. Sometimes you will become embarrassed when you look at your own nails, you might even try making a fist in order to hide your own nails, promising yourself that you will cut it when you get home.

Well – kept fingernails are a standard that is not necessarily easy to meet. Most people use a professional service for this. Especially women who almost always have their nails made in the saloons but more and more men are anxious to make a good and well – groomed picture of themselves. No man who considers himself a gentleman would ever leave their house without making sure their grooming was impeccable. A true gentleman will always look their best whether they are at work, enjoying a night in town, out of town on business or on vacation. Men who take their time to find the best shirts should not skimp on finding the best tools to trim their nails.

Most people will think all nail cutters or scissors are the same hence they go to gas stations or cut corners in order to buy any type of nail cutter. It is not uncommon for some people to bleed after cutting their nails. A bad nail cutter can damage the structure of the nail or even injure the cuticle. It can create cracking, fissures and tears in your fingernails that are practically invisible but can lead to peeling, cracking and breaking ultimately causing infection of your nails. You do not want that, Trust me.

Because of this problem of poor quality nail cutters with even rusted blades, a new nail cutter “Clipper Pro” was designed by a team of three (3) orthopedic surgeons to improve and modernize the time tested basic nail clipper. I wonder what kind of injury these surgeons must have seen to spur them to action in creating Clipper Pro. With Clipper pro, you no longer have to grunt or squeeze your face while cutting your nails. Rather, cutting your nails has been easily facilitated. Simple and fun. The professional services and costs of a manicure are no longer needed with the production of Nail Clipper Pro.

 Clipper pro is a high quality nail cutter that has been made that is sturdy, sharp and ergonomic. It is made with quality surgical steel and let me assure you that after reading through this article, you will see why it is the best of the best.

What is Nail Clipper Pro?

Nail clipper pro review.jpeg
Nail Clipper Pro Review

Clipper pro is a fantastic and upgraded nail cutting device designed by orthopedic surgeons to ensure easy, simple and efficient cutting of your own nails. Clipper Pro nail cutter has features that will guarantee you the best cuts without seeking the help of a professional manicurist. The tool is designed with features that ensure better control, positioning and precision which will enable you cut your nails with ease at home.

Nails have a natural curve that can easily lose its shape should it be cut inappropriately. To ensure that this curve is upheld, Clipper Pro comes with a plastic handle and is tailor made to follow the exact curve of your nails. This prevents you from cutting the nails too much than you had anticipated and interfering with the original curvature which is a major problem for a conventional nail cutter.

Struggling with low quality nail cutters that cannot even fit into your hands but are held with your fingers can alter the natural curve of your nails. The blades of these nail cutters might be rusted and can easily bend which will lead to injury and infection. I am sure that you do not want this not when Clipper Pro is here for you.

Technical Information About Nail Clipper Pro

Technically, Clipper Pro is a nail clipper whose steel elements are made of durable surgical steel. In addition, it has a plastic handle which makes it easy to grip, handle and control and fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. Also the cutting head is flexible with regard to its orientation. So you can easily adjust it and work in an uncomplicated way. Here is an overview of its technical features:

  • Sturdy surgical steel
  • Flexible cutting head 
  • Plastic handle for custom designed grips (fits into the palm of your hands)
  • Cutting surfaces shaped according to fingernail arch

Key Features of Clipper Pro

Most times we buy products only if we appreciate and understand the qualities that differentiate it from its peers in the market. 

When interviewed about the key features of Clipper pro, the surgeons said “We have combined our decades of experience using precision surgical instruments with: modern design, state of the art manufacturing, patented design and ergonomic force multiplying mechanism”

We have listed and expanded on the qualities of Clipper Pro that makes it different and the best there is 

  1. Ergonomic Handle: Clipper Pro plastic handle is said to be ergonomic because it improves your handling of the clipper and makes your cut more efficiently. Clipper Pro is designed to fit in the palm of your hand effectively. This feature allows you to put the blade in the anticipated position before clipping due to its unique rotating edge. The plastic handle is also non – slippery ensuring firmer grip.
  2. The Rotating 1800 Blade Edge: Clipper Pro has a blade that rotates a full 1800 which allows you to place the blade in a comfortable position before clipping. You do not have to move your finger to match the position of the blade. Clipper Pro is flexible enough to cover any angle, so it comes looking for your nail, not the other way around. This enhances better precision and stability.
  3. Portability: Because it does not consume a lot of space due to its shape and light weight, it makes it easier to carry around. You can easily put it in your pocket or pouch, bag or purse and carry it anywhere you go. It is quite portable.
  4. Surgical Stainless Steel Blades: Clipper Pro is made with surgical – grade 420 steel blades. These blades have very good corrosion resistance i.e. they hardly rust. The high hardness of these blades also make them very difficult to break. This makes for a blade that does not wear or break leading a long lasting Clipper Pro. The blades also guarantee clean and hygienic clipping. The steel blades are also very sharp which reduces the amount of force you apply.
  5. Blade Locking Mechanism: I am sure you have noticed while using other nail cutters, that the blades overlap. With Clipper Pro, when you apply a little pressure, the blades lock. This helps ensure safety and an accurate cut.
  6. Orthopedic Approved: It was made by a team of orthopedic surgeons hence it has been approved by medical experts who understand the problems and difficulty encountered in using ordinary nail clippers. This makes it easy to use which arthritis patients especially like. In summary, it has been orthopedically approved for use.

Clipper pro vs other nail cutters

Without a single doubt, Clipper Pro is the best among all the numerous nail cutters in the market now. Other nail cutters do not even come close to the features of Clipper Pro. Here are some of the problems of other nail cutters have that Clipper Pro does not.

  1. The handles do not fit in the palm of the hand. Conventional nail cutter handles are not ergonomic. They are usually held with the fingertips which makes nail cutting hard.
  2. The handles of most nail cutters are slippery leading to a loose grip
  3. The blades of other nail cutters easily rust and can break
  4. They do not have the blade rotating mechanism of Clipper pro making you to move your fingers all the time to find a comfortable position to cut your nails. In other words, your fingers look for the blade.
  5. Other nail cutters while cutting do not follow the natural curve of your nails which will lead to alteration of your nails
  6. Most of these other nail cutters are not orthopedic approved. This is most likely because it causes injury and infections with long term usage.
Nail clipper pro.jpeg
Nail Clipper Pro Review

Testing the features of clipper pro

To make sure that this clipping tool lives up to its capacities that it boasts of, an experiment was conducted with regards to its features. As a control experiment, a nail cutter from another brand was used. The experiment tested and compared the features of Clipper Pro and another nail clipper from a different brand.

The first thing that was tested was the nail curve before and after cutting. Identical fingers of different hands, one at a time was used. The cut was predictable and uniformed as was directed by the user for Clipper Pro, but it was not the same for the brand we used and the control. The nail edge was rough.

The next feature that was tested was the durability of Clipper Pro and the other nail cutter. Both brands were submerged underwater and then left for one (1) week. After this period, it was evident that the Clipper Pro showed no sign of rust or wear. The other nail cutter, however, showed signs of rust. Not only rust but when used again was also unsteady.

From these two simple tests which you yourself can perform too, it goes without saying that Clipper Pro works as the manufacturers claim. It is not just marketing hype.

Advantages of Clipper pro

Without doubt, there are numerous benefits derived from using Clipper Pro. Due to its unique design and shape and structural elements, nail cutting has been made easy, simple and fun. Arthritic patients or those with brittle nails that have used Clipper Pro all love it and testify to it in our customer reviews.

Here are some of the benefits:

  1. The Clipper Pro handle is made of synthetic polymer plastic for lightweight and ergonomic handling. It makes it easy to handle even for arthritic patients
  2. The steel blade rotates 1800 to ensure safety while cutting your nails
  3. You only need a little pressure is all that is needed to cut your nails
  4. Cutting blade is shaped according to the fingernail bend
  5. Stainless Surgical Steel was used in manufacturing the steel blades
  6. There is a minimized chances of infections
  7. Assurance for taking pride in your appearance and showing off your fingernails especially for ladies
  8. Its weight is light which makes it portable
  9. The blades are very sharp for quick and precise cuts.
  10. Plastic handle is non slippery
  11. Easy and safe to use.
  12. Thick, ingrown and tough nails will cut like butter and not hurt your hands
  13. It will make cutting even the toughest nails easy and painless.

Disadvantages of Clipper Pro

  1. It can only be bought online
  2. Stock is very limited hence product is almost always out of stock
  3. Shipping due to the coronavirus pandemic takes a bit more time than it is stated in the official website.
  4. It can only be found in one color; Blue.
clipper pro review.jpeg

Why do I need to buy Clipper Pro?

There are many reasons why you should buy this nail clipper. These reasons are not far – fetched. If you have been following this article sequentially, you will come to this realization on your own. The reasons vary from a good appearance to being health conscious. This tool fits everyone, regardless of age, gender or social standards. If you are looking for a tool that helps maintain the nails in the easiest way and at the comfort of your home, then Clipper Pro is the product for you!

Clipper Pro offers the best leverage for cutting particularly thicker nails since its blades are exceptionally sharp. Besides, the blades clip only the nail and not the surrounding skin or cuticle; therefore, there is no chance of bleeding due to careless injuries. No chance of suffering from infections. The cuticles prevent water loss through insulation and protect against infections. Would you rather injure or wound yourself, reduce the integrity of your nail curve by using unscrupulous clippers? I hope not.

Unlike tools from other brands, Clipper Pro is entirely made of steel. This means that it neither wears out easily nor rusts as a result of exposure to moisture. You are not convinced yet, you think this is a hype, check out the ratings and reviews of this device.

What is the price of Clipper Pro and where do I buy?

It is best to order directly from the manufacturers, who sell their products through their official website. There you can easily place an order by filling out a form and placing the order. A few days later, the order will be shipped or delivered quickly and easily. Shipping is free. Please note that because of the coronavirus pandemic, shipping could take a bit more time than was stated on the website. Some payment methods are available, so that there is always a right one for you and you avoid unnecessary risk. On a new note, it is always advisable to check the page more regularly and only order when you get a good offer. This is also an advantage that the manufacturer offers its customers: From time to time, they make inexpensive combination offers that include several of the tools. So you practically have one for the bathroom, one for the handbag and one in the bedroom. This is the best way to equip yourself and save money at the same time.

Below are the prices and the order quantities you can choose to select:

One (1) Clipper Pro Nail Clipper = $29.99

Two (2) Clipper Pro Nail Clipper = $54.99

Three (3) Clipper Pro Nail Clipper = $74.99

Four (4) Clipper Pro Nail Clipper = $95.99

Note: You can get refunded or the item replaced if the design and structure of the product does not exactly meet your demands. However, the only condition is that the product will not exceed a period of 30 days counting from when you received the product and you have to send the item back in the original packing. Clipper Pro has a 30 day guarantee money refund policy, after the stipulated period, the guarantee expires. You have to also include your name, phone number, email address and reason for returning the product. Items can only be returned for refund or credit if they have no signs of wear and tear.

You can also contact the manufacturers by phone or email.

Company Name: AZURRO

Company Address: 1855 1st Ave, 0San Diego, California.

Phone no: +1 888 887 4087


Support email:

Customer reviews of Clipper pro

Using this product, it is really hard to point out any negative feature about this product as can be attested by the glowing comments of customers. It works and it works well, none of the customers have been disappointed nor will they ever be. AZURRO group endeavors to always improve. Below are some of what our customers are saying:

Travis D. –  California: “I was looking for a new nail clipper and was a little hesitant on this one, at first, based on the price. I wanted something easier to operate while reaching my fingernails. This clipper was amazing. It was extremely easy to grip and squeeze. Do not let the price scare you off. You will not be disappointed with your purchase if you are looking for something other than a standard nail clipper”

Luke W. – Texas: “This nail clipper is an item I never knew I needed, clips your nails super smooth and with minimal effort. Very comfortable and natural feel on the hands. Rotating head makes toenail clipped a breeze”

Pamela V: “I used this to cut my own nails. Arthritis has damaged my fingers so I could not clip my own nails. Now I can!! I save so much because I do not have to pay for a manicure. Win Win!!! Thanks”

Jon K: “I was so impressed with this product. Cutting my nails and toe nails has always been a chore until now. I bought the Clipper Pro and my life is now easier. I love this product. This is the best nail clipper I have ever used”

Candace B: “Much more easily controlled than the normal clippers. Those do not clip easily at all”

Peter H: “Not only can my brother take advantage of the brilliant design for his own needs, but also clips the nails of our elderly parents, both of whom are arthritic. My brother is over 6 feet tall and has very large hands hence the swivel head came in handy. Thanks for what you do”.

Frequently Asked Questions (Nail Clipper Pro Review)


Powder Blue is the only color available at this time. However, we are diligently working on producing more color options soon! We would love to hear your suggestions on which colors you would like to see available next.


YES! The CLIPPER PRO NAIL CLIPPER can be shipped internationally.


Yes, it does


The head is made of stainless steel. So it will last for a long time


The Clipper Pro Nail Clipper blades are sharp enough to easily cut through a credit card.


We accept all major credit cards through Shopify Payments. Shopify Payments also accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can also place your order through PayPal or Amazon Pay.

Conclusion (Nail Clipper Pro Review)

If you look out for review or reports related to Clipper Pro you will come across stories from several customers. Most of the people are satisfied with the product. There can be nothing better for older and arthritic people. It is a great nail care tool that can be used with great eased. Invest your money in Clipper Pro and you will not ever regret it. You will surely get well maintained and attractive looking nails so what are you waiting for. Place your orders now.

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