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It is very difficult to maintain a car without scratches. I mean, even a careless washing can do pretty much harm in terms of scratches. As a matter of fact, a large portion of the scratches on the body of a vehicle are; as a result of reckless washing or perhaps careless driving. Though these scratches occur as often as possible, it costs as hell to fix at the body shop which can be very inconveniencing. This is prevalent in cars with black paints as slightest scratch will alter the look due to colour differences.

Someone had told me a story of how a car scratch frustration with his brand new car had led him to an accident. That’s how much a car scratch can do especially when it has to do with new cars.
Avoiding scratches entirely is simply a big myth, therefore the interest should be more on the solution, the most convenient one at that. So now, as opposed to heading off to the body shop for a little scratch, there’s a product called revive scratch repair.
To find out more about this product that requires no water, machines or even paint but eliminates scratches, read the complete review.

What is revive scratch repair?

revive scratch repair review.jpeg
Revive Scratch Repair Review

Revive scratch repair is a product that will dispose of scratches and swirls from your car without harming the paint. You can even utilize it on more profound scratches. Additionally, it can assist you with disposing of different kinds of damages, for example, oxidation and water spots, making your vehicle look brand new.
The remover features an advanced formula, with no fillers and waxes, so you can be certain that you are purchasing a quality item. It will leave your vehicle with a smooth surface and shield it from different components.

The product from Shine Armor was developed by experienced scientists. It is of good quality and produced on the basis of innovative technologies. The paint protection is easy to use and always one step ahead of the competition. The product was designed to be used comfortably on your own premises or a driveway. This was made convenient because Water is not required.

Revive scratch repair is used for exterior blemishes and restores your vehicle to its normal condition all by hand! The product is synonymous to high quality. The product is effective not just on scratch removal but involves more than just covering blemishes. The magical effect isn’t just for the occasional scratch, as it helps with oxidation and even swirls from a wax application.
This product is unique not because of its appropriate ingredients but what’s absent. It neither has wax nor filler, which means that consumers won’t have to worry about a bad reaction on their paint or create smears from the texture.

What are the Features of Revive Scratch Repair?

Oxidation, Scratch & Swirl Remover: Get rid of damages to your vehicle without hurting the paint all the while giving damaged paint a protective shield! No need to pay high prices to get these repairs fixed! Easy, convenient bottle & rubbing application process you can do at home! For best results use machine polisher with compound.

Detail Grade Compounds: Shine Armor brings high-end detail grade products directly to you! Save money & time with our Revive Scratch Repair. It is EASY, QUICK & SAFE to apply to any car with buff pad.

Premium Paint Restorer: Restore the shine & sparkle to your paint while treating unwanted scratches & swirls! Treats water spots, oxidations & many other contaminants that ruin your paint! Using Revive will also protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion!

Revolutionary Formula: Revive Scratch Repair contains no fillers or waxes. Removes oxidation, scratches & Swirls without damaging the paint and at the same time giving it a protective layer shielding it from the elements! It even creates little to no dusting!

What factors do I have to consider before choosing a scratch remover?

Scratch type coverage: Scratch remover compounds won’t necessarily specify the depth of scratches that can be removed. However, they should mention what types of scratches you can expect to remove with their formula. For example, some scratch removers might only repair surface scratches, while others are able to reach a bit deeper. Choose the compound you need based on the types of scratches you need to repair.
Versatility: While there are a variety of products out there geared solely towards certain-colored cars, a scratch remover compound should be effective on any color. You can search out a compound designed specifically for a black car, for example, but the best formulas won’t need that as their main selling point. Car scratch removers should be able to remove scratches of light-to-medium depth without the need for expensive equipment or years of expertise.
Machine/Hand Application: In general, most compounds will work better when applied with a buffing machine. This holds true because it’s easier for the machine to evenly apply the compound over the surface of the scratch. However, the best car scratch removers shouldn’t need a buffing machine of any size to get results. All that should be necessary is a bit of elbow grease.
Level of abrasiveness: Not all scratch removal compounds are formulated the same way. Each can be classified by the number of abrasive materials within the compound itself. In fact, some manufacturers will even provide a scale on the product to show how abrasive it is. You can compare the abrasiveness to sandpaper—you’ll want to move from rougher to smoother for best results. Scratch removers are typically more abrasive compounds than polishes and waxes.

Why Revive Scratch repair?

revive scratch repair reviews.jpeg
Revive Scratch Repair Review

Improve the exterior appearance of your vehicle: Washing your vehicle on a regular basis can do a lot to keep your paint staying new and shiny. Add removing scratches to that routine, and you’ll be on the path to maintaining the investment that gets you to work and play each day.

Cover up that scratch: Accidents happen, and we all make mistakes. But if you need an easy solution for your boo-boo, scratch removers can be of great help. They don’t require a lot of time or expertise and are relatively affordable considering the alternatives.

Avoid repainting the entire panel/car: Paint jobs for even the smallest cars can number in the thousands of dollars. If you can improve the look of your vehicle without repainting the whole thing, that’s money saved.

Increase its value: It’s not always a great idea to invest money in your car before you try to make a profit from it, but taking a few hours to spiff the entire thing up might just get you more in the end. We buy with our eyes first, after all.

Learn some DIY paint correction: Maybe you want to learn how to improve the exterior of your vehicle. If that’s the case, experimenting with compounds is a great first step. We recommend you pick up a few panels to practice on before you experiment on your own vehicle, but knowing how to correct your own mistakes is a part of the process, too.

The product is made with detail-grade compound that are easy to use. It will tackle everything from scratch to oxidation and scuffs and other kinds of other blemishes. Made without fillers or waxes, you get a premium paint restorer that tackles unwanted scratches with ease. More so, it’s gentle enough to be applied by hand. You can restore shine and smoothness with just a single layer of its solution.

The paint protection can be used for any car. It ensures that traces and scratches are removed from the paint. In addition, new scratches are avoided by the paint protection layer. With Revive Scratch Repair, car owners can save themselves a costly car polish. The car gets a special glass-effect already after one application.

What makes Revive Scratch Repair unique?

The main benefit of this product is a powerful formula that removes scratches, swirls, scuff marks, and other kinds of damages. It can be used like a compound, a polish, and a cleaner. Once applied, the liquid leaves a shiny coat that looks good on all paintwork. Without oils, silicone, or fillers, the liquid is safe for the car surface and ideal for regular maintenance.

This new product requires no water, machines, or even paint, yet it actually eliminates scratches without any problem. The enchanted impact isn’t only for an intermittent scratch, as it assists with oxidation and even twirls from a wax application. It is safe to apply by hand with an applicator; however clients should let it dry completely before polishing out the scratch. With such a speedy response, clients can fix any scratch that happens to their vehicle around the same time that it happened.

The compound is very effective. It will not only remove the scratches but also restore the shine and gloss, adding a clear layer that will protect the surface. It will be like the scratches never happened. The power to get rid of both light and deep scratch without tools is amazing.

The main difference lies in the formulation of the products. In general, all the scratch removing agents or products are manufactured so that they prove beneficial as polishing and rubbing agents. However, Revive Scratch remover is tailor-made to provide overall repairing and rid your car’s body of the finish variations and localized repair.

Other than that, what sets the Revive Scratch remover product apart from the rest is that it isn’t just any ordinary polishing or rubbing agent. It provides entire scratch repair and swirl removal from the paint job.

revive scratch review.jpeg
Revive Scratch Repair Review


• Compact solution for the car wash
• Resists even intense heat
• Easy to use
• Can be applied in any weather
• Delivers professional-grade results.
• Can be used for scratches as well as oxidation, swirls, and scrapes.
• Needs just a thin layer to work.
• Dissolves dirt and removes water stains
• Technology tested in laboratories
• Lasts longer than other sealants


The main drawback of this product is the time-consuming application. It might take quite a while to apply, spread, and wipe the liquid. Also, it works better when applied by a dual action polisher than by hand. As long as you take your time and apply the liquid thoroughly, it will remove most of the imperfections and leave the surface in the best condition.

Frequently asked questions (Revive Scratch Repair Review)

Q: Will it work effectively if using by hands only?
A: yes it worked just fine to take out small scratch and also deep scratch, though a tool might be required for a less tedious work on application.

Q: If I apply scratch repair to a scratch on my car’s finish how long can I expect the formula to last?
A: For everyday driving or vehicles that are more on the highway and in the city, the company recommends applying the product at least once per month to protect your vehicle. However, once the product is applied should last 6 – 12 months.

Q: How many oz is this bottle?
A: Revive Scratch Repair enters the market at $18.95 for a 4oz bottle. A little goes a long way though. It can remove a 30″ scratch and several scuffs and barely took a dent out of the bottle.

Q: Will this work on the plastic rear window of a convertible?
A: Yet to be tried by manufacturer…. But wouldn’t think it’s your best option.

Q: Will Shine Armor work on headlights?
A: The Armor All Ultra Shine Headlight Restoration Wipes will, but the Shine Armor scratch repair will not. Pre-moistened wipes eliminate wondering how much to use, require sandpaper or tools, and set in about 3 hours, with long-lasting UV protection.

Q: What does a scratch remover do?
A: In general, a scratch remover works by melting the clear coat, filling in the scratched area(s), and implementing heat. When done right, the scratch tends to disappear and that’s what guarantees the aesthetic change.

Q: How can I determine how deep the scratches are on my car?
A: There are different approaches a person can take with their car. You should start with something as simple as a visual inspection. Is the car scratch white? This means it’s quite deep. Can you feel the scratch while running your fingernail across it? If it is, this means it’s deeper than a surface scratch. Regular scratches will not allow your fingernail to get stuck.

Q: What is Shine Armor Shipping Insurance?
A: Shine Armor ensures protection of customers shipment in case of lost, stolen, or damaged products.
In order to apply for Shine Armor Insurance, you are given the option to add the insurance during check out. If you apply for Shine Armors Shipping Insurance, you will be able to file a claim if necessary.

Q: How do I purchase Shine Armor revive scratch repair?
A: It is simple! All you need to do is to place an order through visiting Shine Armor website and follow up the procedures for purchase. It can be purchased in different packages. From one bottle per purchase package to two or more. This package helps consumers in stocking up which will allow users to keep the formula in their garage for at-home corrections or in their car while traveling and running errands.

How do I use revive scratch repair?

This type of car scratch remover can tackle both shallow and deep scratches. Before applying it, read the instructions to make sure you have the proper tools. Therefore it becomes vital to decreasing the harsh touch with the paint. Try finding the thinnest tool possible. Something which is soft and does not harm the paint job on the body. A microfiber towel should do the job as it tends to absorb water and doesn’t mark scratches on the body paint.

A suitable option for the application is the microfiber chenille wash mitt. This particular product is soft, washable and long-lasting. It’s also important that you have two of the microfibers and use one for the body and the other for the wheel. Haven gotten the tool for the application, follow these justifiable steps to get an even result.

Stage 1: Wash and dry the zone focused for fix
Stage 2: Apply the Revive scratch repair on a delicate microfiber or cotton towel and spread it on the focused area.
Stage 3: Rub the item on the assigned zone, solidly going to and fro for about a moment or thereabouts.
Stage 4: let it dry, and if there is any overabundance item on a superficial level, eliminate it utilizing a delicate texture
Stage 5: Continue cleaning a particular region at one time as per your need
Despite the fact that the above rules are relevant to all type of scratch yet a fine scratch will require some more distinct steps

Underneath steps will control you through the cycle of fine scratch expulsion:
Stage 1: wash and dry the assigned territory.
Stage 2: Apply concealing tape to check the focused on scratch on 1-inch separations on the two sides.
Stage 3: Apply the item and rub immovably utilizing a delicate texture with two fingers
Stage 4: clean the region and dry utilizing clean texture and see whether further advances are required.
Stage 5: continue applying until you arrive at the ideal objective.
Step 6: repeat the cycle the same number of times as up to multiple times.
Step 7: To get an appropriate mix, apply the item equitably around the assigned zone. This guarantees it mixes appropriately.

Revive Scratch Repair Customers’ review.

Lauren reeves, USA.
For someone as accident prone as I am this stuff is a dream! A car repair place would probably charge hundreds of dollars to get all the little scratches on my car but instead a little buffing with this stuff and it’s gone!

Great for eliminating appearance of scratches on car

Jennifer McGrath, USA.
This product is easy to use, and gives great results! No water or buffer needed. I will definitely be purchasing more!

Rodrigo Garcia

Second product I buy from the company
the first product i bought, the shine armor quick coat, was incredible. After your car is clean, and old like mine, you notice small scratches here and there. Since I had good results before decided to try this scratch removal. Simply: it works! You may need to apply some extra elbow grease sometimes but it worked for my toyota yaris sedan 2007.

Wes Norgord

Once again, shine armor doesn’t disappoint. Will it take all scratches out? No. Will it take most scratches out? Yes. I use a 3″ high speed buffer with a foam pad. I had a dozen or so scratches on my 15 sierra, which is a really dark color. Dog claw marks? Gone. Fingernail scratches around the door handles? Gone. Even some scratches on the bed sides from loading/unloading…. Gone. If you can see the primer, this stuff ain’t gonna work miracles. If it’s just scratched into the clear or even basecoat, this stuff takes the pain out of scratch removal. What I liked most is that it’s a one step product…

David J. Laing

I’m a believer!
Bought Revive scratch remover to try to repair scratches from concrete column in parking garage. Numerous obvious scratches in about 8 square area on left rear panel. Most scratches Within paint level, some through paint and into primer, a few through primer.
Revive worked great to remove all scratches no deeper than paint. Cannot see any of those scratches now in bright light.
Scratches into primer slightly visible at certain angles with bright side lighting, but not visible from most angles.
Scratches deep into primer still visible but substantially reduced, visible only on close inspection. Was planning to go to body shop for paint and buff, but now might not . . .
In Toyota Camry Midnight Black Metallic paint color.
Before and after pix below. Hope pix show the substantial improvement. Just iPhone pix.
About 3/4 minutes of work, maybe 50 cents of product cost.

Where do I buy Revive Scratch Repair?

Revive Scratch Repair Coat is only available on the official website of the manufacturer. Hence, you are advised to buy the product directly from the website to avoid stories of being scammed. The website provides different methods of payment and offers a satisfaction guarantee.
On the off chance that it doesn’t live up to your desires, you can request 100% of your cash back for 30 days after the date of procurement. When the case is affirmed, it might take up to some time for cash to be returned in the event that you paid with a Visa.
packages include:
• One bottle for $18.95
• Two bottles for $18.50 each
• Three bottles for $17.95 each
• Four bottles for $16.95 each
Consumers that order at least two bottles will automatically qualify for free shipping. If the user’s car’s scratches cannot be removed, the company offers a 30-day return policy to get a full refund.

Conclusion (Revive Scratch Repair Review)

Revive Scratch Repair is the most logically progressed product that is intended to get your vehicle swirl free, without scratch, and idealized quicker than any time in recent memory. In contrast to each other item available, Shine Armor quality product includes positively no fillers and waxes to guarantee the most top of the line expulsion measure conceivable.

Scratches on a nice vehicle paint work can be anything from annoying to embarrassing, but can be fixed in many cases without a trip to the body shop. If it’s a high quality product you want to try, you won’t be disappointed with Shine Armor Revive Scratch Repair. This impressively effective car scratch remover is formulated to be used for high-end detailing work with high quality results that have you thrilled with your car’s exterior.

Forget about railing your car into the repair shop for professional fixes. This product makes it both easy and affordable to get quality results on your own.
Revive Scratch remover is tailor-made to provide overall repairing and rid your car’s body of the finish variations and localized repair.
Shine Armor revive scratch repair optically enhances a car and gives it a special glass effect already after application

Recommendations (Revive Scratch Repair)

This product removes oxidation, scratches, and swirls and does not contain fillers or waxes. It removes damage without hurting the finish and produces very little dust. The scratch repair and swirl remover is easy to use and eliminates the contaminants that can destroy a vehicle’s paint job.
Shine Armor’s product completely removes certain surface scratches and makes deep scratches considerably less noticeable. It is easy to use and provides great results, and you don’t need water for it to be effective. You will also see a beautiful shine in less than an hour.

However, you may need to apply some extra elbow grease to get it to work effectively on some surfaces, and the directions recommend using a buffer. Also, some scratches may still be visible to the casual observer. In addition, it’s a little pricey compared to some of its competitors.

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