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TvFix Caster Reviews 2020

For years TV cable companies have been charging exorbitant prices to watch entertainment on our televisions. They use the fact that most of the time the only way we get to watch our favourite shows on Amazon Prime, Netflix, SuperSport, Hulu, HBO, Cinemax, NBA, Showtime to name but a few is only through smart TV and cable. TV cable companies raise prices every year bringing up excuses like new update or a brand new decoder or premium service and regular service or family plans. Worse yet, if you miss a show you cannot re-watch it unless you buy yet another device the Recorder to record shows you have missed. Then when they do air the shows, they will use commercial breaks to kill interest and waste time adding up to a grossly inadequate experience. That was how piracy of TV movies started, breaking the law all because of the inflational prices set by these companies.

 Then came the advent of streaming your favorite shows online using your phones, computers, tablets and laptops. There are now apps on our phones that enable us to watch our favorite shows anytime we want without missing a beat and giving us full capacity to rewind, fast forward our favorite TV movies. This eliminated the inflation in prices we had to contend with for years with TV cable. This new development was welcomed and quite enjoyed but then something was still wrong. Watching our shows on our phones was not quite the same as watching it on our Televisions with the full HD resolution, 1080 pixels. In fact there was a vast difference between the two that led to difference in the experience. Sometimes we had to squint to watch our movies on our phones. Our eyes suffered and it was not the same enjoyable we had when we used our Televisions. Or when we play our games, the screen was quite small, opponents could see us before we could see them. This was a problem.

What if you could enjoy your favorite TV shows on your Television without paying those exorbitant prices to TV cable companies and buying expensive Televisions and decoder. What if you could be entertained on your Television not on your phone without worrying about increasing prices every time. What if you could stream your favorite shows or play the games on your phones and broadcast it to your Television to the best HD resolution or 1080 pixels to get the best experience. No longer if, it is now possible through a most wonderful device called TVFIX CASTER using any device on a Wi – fi network.

This TvFix Caster Review article will tell you all you need to know about TVFix Caster. READ ON!!!!

What is TvFix Caster?

TvFix Caster review.jpeg
TvFix Caster Review

 TVFix caster is a portable streaming media device which when plugged into a television through an HDMI cable allows you to stream video from your phone, tablet or computer. The TVFix Caster uses the apps that are already on your smartphone or tablet to broadcast video to your television and it does this completely wirelessly over your Wi-Fi network!

You can link your laptop, tablet or smartphone and use your TV to screen your favorite shows, chat with your friends, play your mobile games, listen to your favorite music, watch YouTube podcasts all in HD/1080 resolution. You can instantly switch between Twitch stream and NBA games without going through countless complicated settings. What’s more it is completely safe. No one will be able to intercept your connection, so whatever you watch is between you and your TV only. 

Most of the major streaming video services are supported including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, HBO, Showtime, MLB, Cinemax, PGA Tour, Starz, HGTV, NBA and Sling TV. The TVFix Caster will work with any television that features an HDMI input and you can still talk on your smartphone or use it for any other thing while TVFix Caster is playing video on your TV. In principle, the steaming device is the ideal partner for transferring movies and series from the small screen of the tablet or smartphone to the large TV. Simply plug the device into an HDMI port on your TV and the signal is transferred from the tablet or smartphone to the TV via Wi-Fi. Full HD playback is a forgone conclusion and therefore also in good picture quality, video and audio. Your phone can be used to control the device. There are no subscriptions with TVFix Caster, you just have to buy it once, choose your platform and start streaming. 

To simply put it, TVFix Caster turns your Television to a super smart Television. This product has becoming widely popular in US, Australia, UK, Canada and so many other places around in the world.

Features of TvFix Caster

You will see the amazing features this device has to offer for maximum satisfaction:

  1. It is very easy to use. Just launch the TVFix app on your device and start broadcasting to your TV. It just cannot get any easier.
  2. Instant streaming is possible. There is no lag in playback and no delays just as you want it.
  3. TVFix Caster is Wi-Fi compatible. It works with any Wi-Fi compatible device be it your smartphone, tablet or computer. It works with an IOS or Android device
  4. It can stream full resolution videos directly on your TV with Full HD quality with 1080 pixels
  5. You do not need any remote. You can control your content directly from your phone or computer
  6. You can surf the internet on a bigger and larger screen. You definitely will enjoy this while going through Facebook, Instagram and so much more.
  7. There is no recurring bill on this product. You just make a one-time payment and this TVFix Caster is yours in perpetuity.
  8. It supports so many streaming services and platforms
  9. There is no need for a technical know – how to set up the device. You plug in the device using an HDMI cable to the port of the modern TV.

TvFix Caster Specifications and Technical Details

Finally we would like to summarize the technical details of the device, which are particularly interesting for professional:

  • Full HD in 1080 resolution
  • Supports H.265 decoding
  • 50% higher processing speed
  • Plug and play
  • For Android 4.4+, iOS 9 and MacOS 10+
  • Radio frequency 2.4Ghz
  • Video formats: AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, RM, TS, VOB
  • Audio formats: AAC, FLAC, APE, MPS, OGG, WAV, WMA
  • Photo formats: GIF, BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG
  • No special drivers required.

What can I watch using TvFix Caster?

It allows you to play any form of media that can be played on the phone or computer or tablet on a TV. All you have to do is plug it in, select any platform you want and start streaming.

Here are some of the channels you view with TVFix Caster:

  • Cinemax
  • Amazon Prime
  • Show Time
  • Starz
  • Pluto TV
  • HGTV
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • PGA Tour
  • Pluto TV
  • Curiosity Stream
  • HULU 

You can also stream music and pictures on it from:

  • Spotify
  • Sound Cloud
  • Google Music
  • Iplayer Radio
  • Radio
  • Boomplay

You can play your mobile games and stream on it too such as:

  • Player Underground Battle ground (PUBG)
  • Shadow Fight 3
  • Call of Duty
  • Lords Mobile
  • Beach Buggy Racing
  • Mini militia
  • Stickman

It can also be used for official and educational purposes. It could be a great teaching aid for lectures, study groups, presentations and seminars. With your device as a remote control, you can easily navigate through your prepared project or study. Amazing!!!

TvFix Caster.jpeg
TvFix Caster Review

Benefits of using TvFix Caster

These are what you stand to gain from using the TVFix Caster

  1. Adaptable: TVFix Caster works with any television set that has an HDMI port with any phone, tablet, laptop as long as they can connect to Wi-Fi
  2. Easy to Use: no complicated set up or difficulty in navigating settings. TVFix Caster is your easy access portal to all kinds of media and your phone is its remote.
  3. Versatile: TVFix Caster supports most major and lesser known streaming services, most music platforms as shown above. It also allows you to broadcast your own media, videos and images.
  4. Affordable: the only similar devices that could offer you such technologically advanced quality cost way more than TVFix Caster. Not to mention, this device saves you money on cable subscriptions and does not even require you to own expensive home cinema
  5. No smart TV required: This TVFix Caster works with any television set you have. You do not need to spend any money purchasing any smart TV. Also you can still make use of your smartphone at the same time while streaming videos on the TV set
  6. Portability: This allows for easy transport and for use in other televisions. You can take it anywhere.
  7. No monthly bills: There is no recurrent fee or any monthly bill whatsoever. You will not need to worry about that.
  8. Safety and protection: This device is produced by private and independent companies that do not access your data. There is a secure privacy protection on any video streaming, whatever you do is between you and your TV.
  9. 50% Discount: There is a special 50% discount if you order now. This offer is under the direction of the manufacturers so hurry. I assure you, you do not want to miss this offer. 
  10. 30 – day Money back Guarantee: After purchase of this device within 30 days you have the option to return this device and still get a full refund of your money spent on purchasing the product. This is a sign of proof from the manufacturers that you have nothing to worry about using this product. You are getting the best there is.

Cons of TvFix Caster

  1. It is only available online. You can only buy it on the official website of the manufacturer
  2. It only works on modern television sets with a HDMI port. This means the older TV sets will not be able to accommodate the TVFix Caster.
  3. You can forget it is there and not unplug it after use
  4. No fan noises
  5. It needs Wi-Fi or internet connection

TvFix Caster VS Google Chromecast

TVFix Caster is superior to Chromecast. There was a time when Google Chromecast was the gold standard for this kind of technology. But anyone who has used Chromecast knows that it drops the connection between the device and TV all the time.

In Comparison, Chromecast is like a dinosaur compared to TVFix Caster. The tech used in the design and manufacture of this casting device has more advanced components and plays everything in full HD. The quality is far superior to what you get with Chromecast and best of all, it does not spy on people like Google Chromecast.

Also TVFix Caster does not spy on you but offers a protected data transfer unlike Google Chromecast.

General TvFix Caster Test and Quality Features

A group of technicians wanted to convince themselves or see for themselves of the quality and the capabilities of the device and therefore tried it out once. 

They looked at the quality of the workmanship. The streaming device makes a good and qualitative impression. We then connected it to a TV, which was absolutely no problem at all.

Just plug it in and you are done. Then load the app onto the device, adjust the settings and connect it to the WLAN. Then a small symbol appears in the corner of each app that can be transferred to the TV. All you have to do is click on it and the device transfers the content to the TV. So it is very simple.

They watched a movie on YouTube and another one on Netflix.

Both contents were transferred without any problems without any buffering or faltering. The quality is very good, both in terms of image and sound. Full HD is definitely there and all in all it works much better than on the small screen. The product convinced them in any case which is why they too recommended it to others.

TvFix Caster Set Up and Installation Guide

TVFix Caster Reviews.jpeg

This is so exciting to know that this device is so easy to setup and immediately start making use of it without the need of any technical specialist. Below, we will walk you through step by step on how to set this up;

Step 1: After you receive the TVFix Caster, you then unbox it carefully. You have to locate the port for attaching the HDMI cable to your TV and then attach the TVFix Caster to the HDMI port.

Step 2: You then connect the TV Fix caster to the included USB power cable

Step 3: Simply use your TV remote to switch to your HDMI channel

Step 4: it is then time to pair your TVFix Caster with your Wi – Fi

Step 5: Start Streaming

It is important to note that this process takes less than 4 minutes to complete.

Finally, you can search channels or shows on the internet using either a smartphone or laptop and with a single click it appears on your TV screen in high HD display. No hassle, no stress; this is very easy to set up and you can enjoy all your favorite shows for good. Wonderful!!

Why should youy buy a TvFix Caster?

Yes, buy it. That is the recommended thing to do. If you are unconvinced, just check out the numerous TVFix Caster review that can now be found online especially on their own websites and you will be amazed at how satisfied the vast majority of users are. Moreover, it does not have the security concerns of a standard smart TV that many customers complain about.

Below you will see some customer reviews which we just had to include in this TVFi Caster reviews. Without a doubt, you will love this device.

As for the ordering and buying, I have found it to be super easy and simple too. It did not take me more than five minutes to order this device and it took even less time to install and set up. Quite frankly speaking, it is one of the simplest TV screen casting devices to be manufactured ever!!

The TVFix Caster device, as I have said earlier, is not connected to any large corporation. This means that it will not connect to anything aside from your phone and TV. This implies that any data that gets sent to and from the device and your phone stays between the device and your phone.

The TV Caster is so easy and convenient to use and quite affordable. This means that it can be bought for use at home or as presents for family members and friends.

It gives instant wireless streaming and high quality full HD videos. This means that with TVFix Caster, you have access to a lot of great programming at a one – time price and the ability to enjoy clear crisp pictures and sound regardless of the show.

It is also designed to work on any modern TV and is compact enough to fit in the palm of the hand. So if you are worried because you have heard of some type of scam, forget about it because this is a perfectly legitimate and legal item that can be used anywhere worry free. The people who believe it to be a scam often fail to read the manual and realize their mistake after complaining to the customer service team.

The TVFix Caster streaming device allows you to view channels such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and many others as was listed above. Watch them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without interruption and without any paying a single dollar to cable companies.

TVFix Caster is currently being sold at a discount of 50% and also comes with a 30 – day money back guarantee, which means that we don’t have to rely solely on reviews or what other people have said. Just try it and see if it succeeds the expectations, if not, you can return it and no questions will be asked. The TVFix Caster will not disappoint you.

TvFix review.jpeg
TvFix Reviews

What is the price of TvFix Caster?

It is good to know that this device has come to save you from the monthly bills of smart TV and at a very affordable cost. To make it better currently, there is a 50% discount on this product.

It gets even better with the number of TVFix Caster you want to buy; meaning the more the number the greater the value of your discount as listed below:

1 TVFix Caster = $49.99 (Discount price from $99.98)

2 TVFix Caster = $99.98 (Discount price from $199.96)

3 TVFix Caster = $112.48 (Discount price from $224.96)

4 TVFix Caster = $137.47 (Discount price from $274.94)

The offer will likely be put off by tomorrow, we advise you take advantage of this right now and get yours. Also note that there is free shipping to your door.

TvFix Caster Manufacturer’s Information and where to buy

You can easily order this TVFix Caster directly from the manufacturer at their official website. Ordering is quick and easy. There are multiple payment methods available so you just pick the one suitable for you.

It is important to note the 30 – day guarantee and the 50% discount price with free shipping to your door.

Make good use of this opportunity right now to prevent paying the full price tomorrow.

Company Address: Best Deals Ltd, Beauty Avenue 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Support Email:

Click the button below to be taken to the official website and make your purchases.

Customer Reviews of TvFix Caster

Here are some of the customer reviews that can be seen on different social media platforms and the official website.

Roger F – Granada Hills, California: “TVFix is amazing! I was getting rooked by the big cable companies every month. Well, I said goodbye to cable bills, but not my favorite shows! TVFix is positively fantastic”

Austin H – Fort Worth, Texas: “TVFix was so easy to set up! Listen, I am not a computer specialist, or anything like that. When it comes to tech, I am completely clueless. But the set up with TVFix was so easy, even an old Luddite like myself could do it. It couldn’t have been easier”

Clarice N – Peoria, Illinois: “Cable bills were really getting me down. I hated having to pay for a ton of channels that I never even watched. But thanks to TVFix, I can watch the shows I want to watch, without having to pay for all the junk. It really has transformed the way I watch TV and for the better!”

Mark G – Tampa, Florida: “TVFix freakin’ rocks! Some of the major football games weren’t available on TV in my area, so I was stuck with watching them on my tiny cellphone screen. But now with TVFix, I can watch the big game right on my giant TV! Instead of squinting at a tiny screen I now throw viewing parties with all my friends. I wouldn’t go back to cable if you paid me a million bucks”

Monica H – Port Arthur, Texas: “This thing is like magic! It is the second one I have bought, I had to give the first one to my Dad. He can’t believe he doesn’t have to sit at the computer to watch movies anymore. Just plug it in and go!”

Frequently Asked Questions (TvFix Caster Review)

Do I need to spend money on monthly fees?

No, you do not need to subscribe or pay anything

Do I need an internet connection?

No, you don’t need an internet connection in order to use TVFix

What is TVFix Caster and how does it work?

TVFix Caster is a streaming media player that works with all TVS and TV screens through HDMI that lets you stream video services such as Netflix and Hulu right to your big screen. TVFix Caste leverages the power of mobile device to watch everything even HBO

Can I watch Sports?

Yes, TVFix can stream all the major sports services there are

Do I need a remote control?

You can use your TV remote or use your smartphone to control everything with ease

Concluson (TvFix Caster Review)

Stop being a victim to the cable companies and their huge monthly bills. Stop straining your eyes watching movies or sports on small screens of your phones. TVFix has got you covered. Super easy to use, works with any Wi – fi capable Mac, PC, Apple iPhone/iPad, or android device. It streams in full resolution video including 4K content. Even better, very cheap and affordable and no monthly bills. Just make one payment and TVFix is yours forever. Hurry!!!!!

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